Solange Knowles Has Interesting Response to Instagram Troll

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Solange Knowles is known for being pretty opinionated on her social media accounts, and every now and then she even claps back at trolls.

While her Instagram page attracts mostly positive comments, she does get trolled quite a bit too.

But this response is a rather interesting one (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

solange ig troll


  1. Lmao well she is married……that comes wit it or any real grown up relationship…keyword: GROWN….obviously the person that trolled her is juvenile asking a MARRIED WOMAN a dumb a$$ question like that…and if she isn’t juvenile then she better be prepared to deal wit the issues Hillary Clinton dealt wit (giggles)

  2. For real though! LoL.

    I had a college friend who thought that giving head was the most disgusting act a person could ever do. She was still a virgin at 25 (not that it was a bad thing) but she gave up the coochie at 30 while in a short lived relationship. To everyone’s surprise, she recently got married so hopefully her prudish azz has learned to deep throat & guzzle the D at this point or at least went to therapy about it.

    1. Wow shoot I should’ve kept mine till I was 25-30 instead of 19 maybe I would be married right now 🙁 lol

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