Tyga Gets a Do Over

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kylie Jenner turned 18 years old today, but her weekend celebrations didn’t go down without some controversy.

We told you recently that things went left after TMZ reported Tyga gifted Kylie a Mercedes G-class wagon, but folks eventually figured out it was the same car he gave Chyna when they were dating.

Chyna returned the vehicle after the breakup, but that didn’t stop Kylie from flossing in the car for the paparazzi after TMZ’s report.

After they were caught for the stunt, now Kardashian affiliate TMZ is claiming Tyga purchased Kylie a Ferrari:

Kylie Jenner got a birthday present that blows that G-Wagon away … a Ferrari 458 convertible.

Tyga presented his now-of-age-girlfriend with the $260K whip outside Bootsy Bellows in WeHo after a night of celebrating, and everyone was there. Kim, Kanye, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kris and Caitlyn … among others.

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  1. LOL. I have never seen people so obsessed with public opinion than these clowns. I guess it’s like that when there’s no legit reason you should even be famous in the first place. Anyway I bet Kylie bought this car herself. There’s no way Tyga can afford this when he’s being sued all the time.

      1. Oh she doesn’t? Is that why she has a new pair of lips and a new booty? She’s about one procedure away from looking like her big insecure sister Kim. Kylie cares a lot about what her “haters” think. So much so that she is pretending yet again that her broke boyfriend can afford to buy her a car. And all this is supposed to do is make us forget about him sleeping with a transgender woman.

  2. I don’t get it..Im not trying to dog him but seriously dude. No rapper with tricky funds should be purchasing a car like this when you have a kid

  3. LOL whatever. He ain’t buy a damn thing. They are so pressed to prove he’s not a bum but the lawsuits don’t lie.

  4. Kylie is really desperate to make this dude seem better than he is. Wasn’t he just exposed for sleeping with a transgender woman like a few weeks ago? Chyna proved he was still trying to get back with her in April and he’s been sued like five times in the last month. Why is Kylie still with him? Is he the best she can do? Smdh.

    1. It just goes to show you she’s still a child and not as mature as her family tries to make her out to be. No sensible adult would stay with Tyga. Even Chyna doesn’t want him.

    2. No she can’t actually. Their brand is damaged. The best any of them can do really is D list rappers and thot athletes. Kendall got a Jonas brother but that’s because she’s the only one who seems normal.

  5. They want so bad for Tyga to be portrayed as a ballin rapper buying Kylie a new car. I don’t care if Kylie is 18 now he has probably been sleeping with her since she was 16 and him and the Kardashians got very little backlash still disturbs me.

  6. So we’re supposed to believe he has the funds for this when he keeps flopping, he’s being sued by multiple people for not paying his bills, and begging Chyna to not put him on child support. Yeah try again Kris.

  7. Please. Kris bought this and the way they get down, it’s probably going back this weekend. They lie about everything. Even their Twitter and IG followers are mostly bots.

  8. Queen Kylie sure does keep a lot of you pressed. Well she’s 18 now. She has many more years to make y’all haters foam at the mouth with jealousy. Her man bought her a new car while you type your little bitter replies. Get well soon haters.

    1. Queen? Queen of what exactly? The fake lips brigade? The plastic surgery before 18 brigade? No one is impressed by Kylie’s mediocrity but you dear.

    2. Oh please typical Kardashian fan too easily impressed thinking fame and money means everything. Some things are more important in life like morals,values and respect but your faves know nothing about that.

    3. One day you will grow up and realize that the Kardashians aren’t all that great. They are very fake, superficial people who live above their means and put out lies to make them seem like winners, when everyone with sense knew they were losers years ago. But when you’re young, naive and easy to impress, you’ll look at them and see success. That will change with age. Enjoy being naive while you can though.

  9. This just isn’t even believable. HIs finances are in shambles but I see TMZ has been trying to make it seem like he has money for a few days now. Harvey must be back in Kris’ good graces. He’s Team Kardashian again.

  10. Just like French “bought” Khloe that jeep for her birthday? No one finds it odd that these men all buy cars for these broads on their birthdays and these cars are later nowhere to be found a year later? Kris is leasing these cars for show. It’s so obvious.

  11. Either it was rented, leased or they are borrowing it in exchange for free publicity for the dealership. But there’s no way Tyga bought this. It would be repo’d by the morning seeing how he owes so many people money.

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