J. Cole Refuses to Conform & Wants to Set Example for Other Rappers

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

J. Cole made history by becoming the only rapper to go platinum without needing any features, and he recently performed to a sold out show at Madison Square Garden.

As the accomplishments keep racking up, he hopes all his impressive wins will inspire his peers to step outside the box.

He tells Sway Calloway:

“I was the example for all these guys, and nobody should have to do it again. I was the one that had to go through it to show everybody this is not the way no more. You don’t have to have the features. You don’t have to drop the single. You don’t have to have the radio record before they put your album out. You don’t have to follow those rules. You can put out what you love and still sell records if you’re connecting with people.”


Check out the video below:


  1. J.Cole is the whole package makes great music,sells records,has respect from the fans and his peers and he never conformed. Salute to that man because not only is he winning but he is doing it on his terms love it.

  2. He’s the real deal. He can actually rap. He writes his own lyrics and doesn’t need a ghostwriter, he cares about the black culture and doesn’t wait until a rap beef to speak on police brutality (he also marched at Ferguson), and he promoted his college education in his music. And he does all of this without needing to be commercial. Very impressive.

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