Yandy Smith Defends Marrying Mendeecees Amid Possible Return to Prison

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy and Mendeecees tied the knot on live television earlier this year, but some criticized the couple’s big move considering Mendeecees’ fate is still up in the air and he may have to head back to prison later this year.

However, Yandy has an interesting perspective on the whole situation.

She tells Wetpaint Entertainment:

“For me, we get the question all the time. Like, what are you thinking getting married? You don’t know what the future holds. How I answer that…what I tell people is I’m not getting married because it’s good for right now. I’m not getting married because it’s bad for right now. I’m getting married for the long haul. I’m getting married… this is forever…it’s the good, the bad, the ugly, the unsure.

“That’s why you get married. You don’t get married only because someone wakes up cute cause I don’t wake up cute and he still loves me.

‘It’s not about that when you love somebody. When you have that in your mind that it’s not just about the good times and it’s about forever, it’s a small period on our life. We have a lot of years to live. Small period. “


  1. I personally think she made a mistake but its her life her decision only time will tell if she made the right decision.

  2. Well that’s nice and all but the reality is he may have to go back to prison. And that will be very hard on their marriage.

  3. I really hope everything works out for them because him being in prison will make things so hard for Yandy.

  4. If I had to give that a grade, it is definitely an A+. My parents have always told me that if you love someone, they need you for the good, the bad and the ugly. You can find a many to have fun with but the circle gets smaller when trouble come. Stick in there Yandy and whatever God’s plan is for you and your family; so be it.

  5. They have a family together….even if he returns to prison…..she wants to make it work for her family and her love for him. What sense does it make to not wanna get married after yall done had more than 1 kid together….I wouldn’t throw away my relationship…..not 2 kids in

  6. I used to think Mendeecees was using Yandy but now I think he really does love her. They have a beautiful family.

  7. Well, I do understand her perspective. It’s also Yandy’s life. However, from last season she does seem insecure, jealous, and possessive towards Mendeecees (as he towards her) so maybe the marriage had something to do with that.

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