Uncle Luke Calls out Kanye for Marrying Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting baby number two, but that hasn’t done much to silence critics of the marriage.

In fact, rapper Uncle Luke seems to think Kanye marrying Kim has hurt Hip Hop’s culture.

He tells WatchLOUD:

“It used to be a difference. Before Kanye West, rappers weren’t wifing all these hoes. Rappers would be secure with their woman. When you look at Ice Cube, he’s always been with his wife. You look at Will Smith – he’s always been with [Jada Pinkett Smith]. Hip Hop was different. We didn’t get caught up in the Hollywood thing.”

Check out the video below. The Kimye talk starts at the 0:50 mark:


  1. Honestly Kanye is just an idiot for allowing that whole family to use him. And his stock has gone down ever since he got with Kim. It’s sad to see because he has put out some really great music. But oh well. It’s his life to mess up.

  2. Kanye really wants Beyonce so he’s been trying his damnedest to turn his tramp of a wife into Beyonce. The problem is the most she can do is buy Instagram followers and take selfies all day. She can’t put out music. She can’t go on tour. She can’t sell out shows. She can’t earn a Grammy. I mean what can she do besides get naked on the gram every other day? If you want a Beyonce, you can’t settle for a p-rn star.

  3. Not one lie was told either. Kanye really turned a hoe into a housewife. And now their daughter will grow up in a family full of hoes. That’s sad as hell because as you can see, no one who grows up in the family amounts to anything more than desperate attention whoring loser. Every little “accomplishment” Kim has was bought. And she’s always caught lying about her accomplishments too. She has no talent to earn real accolades.

  4. Luke shouldn’t even waste his breath because her little simpleton stans vocabulary doesn’t go beyond bitter and hater. The more the media and everyone else ignores Kimye, the better off we’ll be. Attention is what they live for never mind if it’s bad or good.

    1. Now you know the Kardashians will keep paying the big blogs to talk about them everyday. That’s how they appear to be big time. They spend most of the money they make to look like they are popular. They buy their IG followers, buy their media exposure, and lease all their cars. They are a family of frauds. And then people wonder why only 2 million people watch their shows, why their magazine covers flop, why no one buys their books, and why the clubs they are paid to promote can’t even break even. They are liars.

  5. I’m sorry, he sounds ignorant! He did not answer the question. Besides back in the day people relied on magazines for publicity. Publicity stunts have always been in since the beginning of time. The difference now is that the internet arrived and the ability to reach a mass of people without having to buy anything except to pay your internet bill or get on someone else’s wifi has become the evolution of what Publicity is today. So to speak on what was happening back in the day is stoneage as to evolving what is going on today. There were hoes/thots/groupies back in the day and Yes some were getting married to the rich and famous. It just was not in the publicity arena as there is today.

    1. Huh? Luke’s point really was rappers married their day ones or women who had something going on for themselves and not women like Kim who are slutty users.

      1. Honestly, I could care less about the Kardashians or Kanye for that matter. I don’t watch the show nor do I keep up with her. So I certainly not defending her in any type of way. I’m just saying that I know for a fact before the internet came about attention whores, hoes, were made to be housewives. Besides that the way a lot of young women act and carry themselves the standards have definitely deminished of being a respectable lady so as far as I can see Kim is not doing no more than what a lot of women are doing…not all women, but certainly a lot (instagram models, facebook models all modeling in the bathroom showing everything for free and talking about what they will do so if that ain’t hoe activity outloud, I’m just sayin.

        1. That ain’t even what the f-ck he said. He said wifing hoes is glamorized now. And that’s the f-cking truth. Back in the day people were shamed for marrying women like Kim. I don’t know how anyone is confused by what the f-ck he said.

          1. I don’t have to support white THOTS who use black culture to advance in life. And the fact that they actually have the audacity to see themselves on the same level as black women with actual talent who have to work hard to win is why I’m waiting for someone to expose that whole family.

    2. Don’t recreate Hip Hop history because you like Kimye. Luke is a OG. He’s been in the business long enough to know what he’s talking about. You are just an outsider. Back in the day, rappers didn’t even get married like that. But when they did, they married women they knew for a long time or women they felt had proven their loyalty. And a lot of the time they would date other celebs too. They didn’t want to marry someone society looked down on because they didn’t want that hit image wise. Basically women who had some kind of substance. Especially if she’s black. Any way you want to cut it, they weren’t marrying women who got fame from f-cking on video. That’s where the whole you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife motto came from. But go ahead and defend these hoes though. That’s basically where we are now. Kim and Amber Rose get defended and wife up…meanwhile the black women who do the same thing like Super Head are still shamed. Yall have been brainwashed.

    3. Crystal don’t even waste your time. Anyone who doesn’t want to bash the Kardashians is labeled a stan or defender on here. I’m actually a fan but I’ve learned that arguing over her is a waste of time. They will just drag her again unfairly on the next Kim post.

    4. The whole point he was trying to make is that rappers used to be secure in their manhood. They used to be real. They wrote their own lyrics (for the most part) and they married women for relationships, not for Instagram likes and blog posts.

  6. He has to keep in mind that only simps and gold diggers think Kimye are some outstanding couple. Everyone else can see Kim is using Kanye and she brings nothing to the table besides that hideous booty she paid for. They will never get respect.

  7. I don’t remember who it was but somebody on here said Kanye doesn’t mind Kim’s hoeness because she’s not black. But he required the absolute most from his black ex girlfriends. All his black exes had to be college educated and classy. But he’s hyping up Kim for being naked on Instagram all the time. He clearly has lower standards for nonblack women. So how black people defend Kimye I’ll never understand.

  8. I think silently a lot of rappers agree with him. When Kanye first got with Kim, a lot of rappers were throwing shade. They aren’t as vocal now, but when they talk about people they admire, they say Jay Z and Beyonce. Not Kim and Kanye. They want their equal. Not a talentless attention whore who needs her man to get her all of her wins. Beyonce can win on her own. Kim actually needs Kanye.

  9. It’s interesting that he uses Ice Cube’s wife and Jada as examples. Ice Cube met his wife in high school I believe while Jada and Will are both equally talented and successful actors. I think Luke’s point is rappers believed in marrying women they knew for years and before the fame, or they married women of equal status to build with. They didn’t marry women who made a career out of using men. Those women were supposed to just be flings. Nothing more.

  10. Ain’t Kanye gay? That’s why he wasn’t against marrying a famous whore. His marriage to Kim works. She uses his fashion connects to get Vogue covers she couldn’t get on her own, and he gets to look straight while his boyfriend lives on Paris.

  11. He’s entitled to his views. But as usual, people see what they want to. I think Kim gets defended a little too much when she’s done all the dirt she’s done to people. Mainly black people.

    1. No, he has not sold a million copies. He got over a million in shipment so the RIAA felt sorry for him and gave him the plaque anyway. A label can request platinum status off shipments though, so it’s not an uncommon practice. Either way, it’s another sign that Kanye fell off.

  12. I think Luke earned his right to say what he wants to about the current rappers. Things are very different today. Back in the day, people like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian would not become wives to prominent rappers. I mean it’s just the truth. Was this rude to say? Yes but it doesn’t make it any less true.

  13. I think people want to believe Kim has changed but nope, she really hasn’t. If Kanye ever falls off and no longer pulls in that A list rank, she will be on to the next.

  14. Kanye can marry whoever he wants to and he chose Kim. I think people hate her because she’s winning on a level they don’t think is fair. But don’t be mad at her, be mad at how easy social media has made it for talentless people to become famous. Granted a black reality star will never be as big but it is what it is.

    1. Please tell me what those hoes are winning. Accolades? Topping Forbes? Respect? Sh-t I just need someone to tell me what people need to envy.

  15. LOL. It goes to show you that hoeness really can’t be deleted. No matter how many magazine covers Kim buys, she will always be the hoe people remember from the tape.

  16. Not people getting mad at on old school rapper saying we shouldn’t be putting hoes on a pedestal. Ain’t that what most of y’all have been whining about on here? Now a few of you are mad he actually said it? Weirdos.

  17. Kanye completely morphed into a Kardashian. Now he gets the Vanguard award and watch it turn into the Kardashian show. He’s stupid because he sits back and lets the Kardashians take his accomplishments and turn them into their own. His mom raised him better than this.

    1. Facts!!! I’m sure he thought it would all blow over. I’m sure his ego got the best of him, but now it’s radio silence..

  18. Luke spoke no lies. LL Cool J is another prime example, he married his childhood sweetheart Simone. They been together since the beginning of Doorknockers & Gold Rope Chains #BlackLove #REALLove

  19. I’m not team Kardashian or anything like that, but who is to tell anyone who to marry. I’m sure loads of commenters have been with some people that wasn’t the best man or woman and people talked about you and told you they were no good or this and that. I don’t think Kanye did an injustice by marrying Kim. Kim and her family I hope haven’t manipulated and controlled these men, they are in these relationships because they want to be. Hip Hop hasn’t been tainted due to going Hollywood, its tainted due to the quality of music these people make, and if you want to blame that on who you marry, well maybe a lot of rappers need to be checked.

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