Derrick Rose in Some Serious Trouble?

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is in some serious hot water.

The NBA player was just slapped with a lawsuit by  a woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend and she’s accusing him of drugging and gang r*ping her.

TMZ writes:

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe, says she and Rose dated from 2011 to 2013. During that time, Rose allegedly tried to pressure her to m*sturbate in front of him, allow him to have s*x with her friends and engage in group s*x with strangers, all of which she says she refused.

Rose’s accuser says the two continued to date until August 2013, when Rose and two friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton (who is also Rose’s personal manager), invited her to Rose’s Beverly Hills house. She says there, they slipped a drug into her drink with the aim of r*ping her.

The plaintiff says she escaped the house with a friend, but later that night, Rose and his friends broke into her apartment and gang r*ped her while she was incapacitated. She says she remembers only “flashes” of the incident, but can remember the defendants forcibly r*ping her.

She claims she waited for two years to file the suit because she was “ashamed and embarrassed” of what happened and concerned her “conservative family” would find out.

She wants unspecified damages.


Rose has not addressed the lawsuit as of yet.


  1. I really hope he didn’t do this because this is so evil and cruel!! And I know for a fact he was with his baby mama at the time so that would make it even more terrible!!

  2. So she sues him two years later and didn’t feel the need to notify the police. Yeah NO. I don’t believe her.

    1. Two years later the statue of limitation has ran out,you have to gile on these kind of mayters within a year,she’s lying just trying to ruin his reputation because she didn’t end up with him.

  3. She’s lying plus the status of limitations has run out you have to file within a year,two years really,just mad because she didn’t end up with him and would do anything to ruin his reputation,these young girls need to go somewhere and sit down and pray for God to put the right man in their life,cant’t theu see everybody fsmous is not for them.

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