Chris Brown Gets the Last Laugh

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s baby mama figured she has the upper-hand in their child custody battle and she points to Chris’ questionable friends as proof of him not being safe for Royalty to be around unsupervised, but now Chris may have a great counter attack.

According to reports, Nia Guzman’s boyfriend King Ba (he also claims to be Royalty’s other father) is wanted by the police.

All Hip Hop writes:

…Guzman has been asking for $15,000 a month in child support, and she has also said she doesn’t feel safe having their daughter around “criminal” Chris Brown and the company he keeps. It seems like the true criminal is her boyfriend King Ba. Images of King Ba were recently shown on a Houston news program as a man wanted for forging checks. It’s hard out here apparently. Breezy pointed out the irony and said God doesn’t like ugly. Nia also claims she’s single now, yet she was just on vacation with King Ba.

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  1. I mean did we really need for him to commit fraud before we understood how trash she is? This chick thought 3 different men were her child’s father. Chris is a mess but she can’t even try to pull the saint card.

    1. I hear she’s even more scandalous than that because she slept with her own friend’s man at the time too.

  2. She obviously doesn’t know how to pick a good man….she just needs to get a job and stop trying to get paid off her child and Chris loser a$$ heffa

  3. I am not even surprised this King Ba person is out here committing crimes. This is why I never felt an ounce of empathy for Nia. I’m sure her man was the one who told her to ask for $15k a month in child support too.

  4. So now he has been caught she not claiming him girl please. It was no problem when him and her was parading around with Royalty like a big family like he was being a better father than Chris. But now all of a sudden you a single mother this girl so full of sh-t. Good luck with all this Chris.

  5. I knew something like this would happen when she tried to get on the soapbox. Anyone with sense knew form jump that she’s just as messed up as Chris is. And her boyfriend is a HAM!

  6. Nia better hope that woman that’s claiming that she and King Ba held her captive and stole her money is lying cause she’ll be joining him in jail, and Chris will get full custody. Plus, I heard they’re receipts, so Nia might want to shut it and go find a good lawyer.

      1. The woman is claiming King Ba and the guy that they say robbed Chris held her at her house and Nia went to the bank and pretended to be her and withdrew her money. The FBI is investigating so if she’s part of it, they’ll get her.

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