Ne-Yo Gets Married & Has a Baby on the Way

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and songwriter Ne-Yo’s public romance with his former fiancée Monyetta Shaw ended on a rather dramatic scale, and the breakup was so hard for Monyetta that she wasn’t sure how she could move on and love anyone else.

In fact, Monyetta’s struggle to move on from Ne-Yo was the reason she ended up on “Atlanta Exes” and she was reportedly told by Ne-Yo that he thought they should end the relationship because he wasn’t quite sold on marriage and having more children.

Well it looks like he’s changed his mind. However, he’s decided to settle down with Crystal instead:

Congrats to #NeYo on his wedding and new baby!

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Congrats to the couple.


  1. This is the f-cking risk you take when you give a man everything and he doesn’t appreciate that sh-t. Now he has moved on to a new chick and he married her quickly.

  2. You never tie your tubes for a man you’re not married to. She made a permanent decision for someone who wasn’t permanent.

    1. He probably won’t. She’s Latina and his ignorant behind thinks that makes her an upgrade since he can now have some lightskin kids.

      1. Exactly what I was thinking, but they have all these kids with these different race women because they want them to have “color” or look a certain way, and hell the kids turn out to not even resemble them. These men are tired and pitiful. Neyo happy now with his little “Instagram model” (that any girl on there could be) but he I’m sure on down the line he’ll end up in a nasty custody battle with her. Im sure!

  3. I can’t and will not feel sorry for Monyetta when she was thotting it up with married men back in the day. Crystal just played the gold digger game better. They are cut from the same cloth though.

  4. After what he said about babies, I can now understand why he married this woman so fast. Now he can finally have the light skin babies he’s been dreaming of. SMH.

      1. Sorry for the late response, but this white woman was interviewing him and she told him she’s glad he wasn’t married because now they can hook up. He then said it’s cool with him because everyone knows light skinned kids are the cutest.

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