Meek Mill Shades Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill may have moved on from Drake to a new target.

The Philly rapper apparently shaded Future during a recent performance and made it clear he was frustrated with his DJ for playing so much of the Atlanta rapper’s music.

All Hip Hop writes:

Meek also didn’t seem to want to show any love to Future at Made In America, when he asked his DJ why he was playing so much Future music. He asked the DJ to “play some rap too”…

Check out the video below:

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Meek later took to Instagram to clarify that he requests DJs play Future’s music when he’s in the club.

In related news, Meek also had some words for social media critics too:

meek instagrammeek instagram 2


  1. See I told y’all Meek only came for Drake because he’s jealous, not because he cares about Hip Hop. Now a few months ago while Future was on the decline Meek said in an interview that the only person he listens to is Future and he doesn’t listen to Kendrick or J Cole. Now that Future is hot again, he wants to shade him and act like his music ain’t hot. Meek only likes people he doesn’t see as a threat. It’s so obvious.

  2. Meek is always shooting himself in the foot. If Nicki loves him, she needs to tell him to learn how to sit down but she would need to sit down first. Both of them have been doing too much lately.

  3. I really miss the era of the silent celebrity. Now everyone has something to say and it’s nonstop. Just do your job and be be quiet.

  4. I wish Meek would be quiet. I saw Future and Meek at Made in America and guess who had a better set? Future… Meek was too busy geeking out over Nicki.

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