Tahiry Talks Leaving LHHNY + Says Joe Budden Did ‘Couples Therapy’ for a Check

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tahiry Jose shocked people when she walked away from “Love and Hip Hop New York” considering her popularity with the viewers, but she tells BET via “Dose of Reality,” that she decided to leave because she wanted to venture out into new things:

“Well I quit the beginning of the season…I don’t know I believe Joe was let go I think I’m not sure. I know after I said no…you know I was picked up for another season…You know we started filming and I just thought it was time.

“It was time to leave. It was time to leave on top. It was just time to do other things.”

Although she decided to take a break from reality television, her ex Joe Budden and his ex Kaylin Garcia have signed up for the current season of “Couples Therapy.” Interestingly enough, Tahiry seems to think Joe signed up just for the check and not for actual therapy:

“But he did ask me if I wanted to be a part of that show.

“I don’t know I guess he did it for the check. He did call me…he should have called me and actually ask me to lend him something if he needed it instead of just going out there and doing it for a check. Go in the booth or something.

“But he did reach out and I said I probably would have done it with him. But then I found out three days later…he did it for the check. Me and Joey always have things to talk about. “


  1. I would love to see these viewers she was so popular with. And what wouldnt Joe Buddem do for a check should’ve been the headline!

  2. Apparently Joe Budden is making a career out of reality shows. Well he won’t be the first or the last so it is what it is.

  3. it’s very obvious he did Couples Therapy for the money but he’s got to pay his bills right? He’s a good rapper but he will never have a decent career ever again.

  4. Tahiry is still out here trying to get a baller. When she realizes it’s not going to happen for her, she’ll be back on reality shows too.

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