Chris Brown Wants His Baby Mama to Shut Up (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown has had plenty of drama on social media with his baby mama Nia Guzman as they are heading to court to duke it out over custody, and now Chris hopes he can slap her with a gag order to keep her quiet.

TMZ writes:

Chris Brown wants the courts to do his dirty work — as in, force baby mama Nia Guzman to quit bad mouthing him and talking about his fathering skills, or lack thereof, in public.

Chris and Nia are heading into court Friday morning to start hammering out a formal custody agreement for Royalty, but sources connected to the case tell us job 1 will be a gag order. Brown filed docs for an injunction blocking Guzman from bashing him to news media AND on social media.

…Also on the table today — custody time (he wants 50/50), and monthly child support (she wants $15k/month instead of $2,500/month). This case won’t be quick and easy. As one source put it, “It’s gonna get nasty.”

UPDATE: Chris Brown just won his nasty child support and custody case against Nia Guzman. According to TMZ, Chris was granted joint custody of Royalty, and he got to take her home today. The judge also sided with Chris on child support and he will continue to pay $2500 a month.


  1. As messy as she’s been on Instagram, I think the gag order request is fair. Chris didn’t say much about her until her and her boyfriend started badgering him on Instagram everyday.

  2. I just don’t think grown people should be fighting for custody or child support on Instagram. The gag order is a reasonable thing to ask for in this situation.

  3. Yeah, I’m going to have to side with Chris on this one. Nia doesn’t need that much money and she’s already proven she’s not any better than Chris when it comes to morals and maturity. Joint custody is fair as well.

  4. I knew she would lose asking for 15k a month for child support in Texas is delusional in Texas you be lucky to get 3k. She would have had a better chance of getting more money by playing nice and negotiating with Chris herself. Oh well time to get a job miss thang.

  5. That bish is lucky….she got what she got and she live down south some damn place. Ain’t like shyt is expensive there. I use to make that a month actually working and I live in NYC I don’t have any kids but I was struggling to pay rent, eat, metro card and pay other bills

  6. And Nia takes yet another L. Her man is wanted by the cops because he’s a criminal and now she won’t get to eat off Chris like they planned. Ouch!

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