Chris Brown Drags Fan for Making Fun of Royalty’s Looks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Celebrity parents know firsthand that it’s not uncommon for folks to talk bad about their kids on social media since they can rely on somewhat of an anonymous internet persona to get away with making negative comments, so some stars just avoid reading comments altogether.

Well Chris Brown reads all of his social media comments, and if you come for his daughter Royalty, he’s most likely going to curse you out for the whole world to see.

Recently he dragged a fan on Instagram for making rude comments about Royalty’s looks (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

chris brown instagram


  1. That’s the wrong screen shot. He’s not dragging a fan, that’s from when he supposedly skipped an appearance at a gay prude event. I wanted to see the dragging 🙁

    1. Now you already know the answer to that. With Game it was all jokes and “lol’s.” With a woman, he’s going to call you everything in the book.

  2. Ummmm but his child is weird looking. Maybe cuz she’s half Mexican..I got a friend whose half Mexican and he has a big a$$ head and he is just not cute but he’s a good dude. Being that CB wanted a mixed kid maybe he should’ve fckd a another type of Spanish or an Asian chick (lord forgive me and spare me when I finally have my own)….but I wouldn’t go as far as commenting on his IG wit my opinions lol

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