Sales Projections Released for Future & Drake’s Mixtape + Chris Brown Responds to Karrueche Lyrics?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake and Future decided to collaborate and release a mixtape together, and with the new music trending crazy on social media, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the album will see a strong first week of sales.

According to multiple publications, it should go gold in its first week.

Hits Daily Double is projecting the mixtape to sell 500,000 copies.

And while the numbers are looking good for the Hip Hop duo, Chris Brown isn’t so happy Drake mentioned his ex Karrueche Tran by name in some of the lyrics.

To find out what Drake said about Chris’ ex on the new mixtape, click “next.”

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  1. Sigh… If Chris was so happy being Chris he wouldn’t feel the need address it on IG. Anywho, I’m definitely getting the mixtape.

  2. I’m not surprised they are selling like this. Drake alone can go gold in the first week. But I kind of agree with what Chris was saying. Drake is all about stunts. He is always rapping about Rihanna, Nicki and Chris to keep people talking. It’s gotten stale.

        1. Rihanna’s networth in 2015: 120 million
          Karrueche’s networth in 2015: 300,000

          Lmao!!!! Well let’s see if little tran tran can catch up shall we? You enjoy your night and keep having faith that the lesser will catch up to the icon!

          1. I’m not even talking about money wise jacka$$. It just seems like the tables have turned and while Rihanna seems to be sliding downhill Karrueche seems to be doing just the opposite. Chris is losing his mind over her, The Game (thirsty behind) is trying to get her and now Drake mentioning her. She is everywhere now while your fave is dumpster diving with fugly Travis Scott. #TRAGIC

          2. Omg did you really just say Karrueche’s accomplishments and moving up status is being stalked by The Game (eww), Chris missing her (eww) and Drake rapping about her in a mixtape we won’t even remember in 5 years? Lmao! Girl goodbye already. I bet you’re the same person mad from that Travis/Rih post. Now I see why you’re mad. You only relate to mediocrity. Meanwhile in Rih’s so called downward status she’s inking business deals left and right and building her wealth and empire. She can take care of her whole family for generations and that album will go platinum when she cares enough to drop it. You Karrueche types are hilarious. We shoot for the stars over here. Not Instagram stalkers and mixtape mentions. Lmao.

          3. Girl Industry Pu$$y is on a downward spiral so deal with it. Don’t care how much money she has she is still a tr@mp that f-ucks anything.

          4. Yet Karrueche has been linked to several dudes in the last six months, had threesomes with Chris (he even said so) and went on a date with Drake while she was with Chris (he said so). Girl goodbye. You don’t care about a woman moral’s code. You’re really just pressed by Rihanna’s success. I see right through your type. I bet you’re sexually repressed too. Lmao.

          5. what dudes have Karreuche been linked too lately? But Industry Pu$$ body count just keeps increasing. And you saying EWW to Chris when Travis Scott is BUSTED! I’m not a Karreuche fan just pointing out how funny it is that the tables have turned. Not a good time for you Navy shippers.

          6. I mean Karrueche’s tea ain’t hidden yet you keep up with Rihanna’s p-ssy like it’s your own. Karrueche gets a pass for all her sleeping around though, right? I just told you Kae was even doing threesomes and you skipped right over that because it only matters if it was Rihanna, right? Girl you’re a fraud and obviously sexually repressed coming on here to argue with me again because you’re still mad from two weeks ago. Lmao.

            Oh and Travis may be ugly but the difference between Rih and Kae is Rih doesn’t date to advance her career. She dates because she wants to. Karrueche is already messing with a few NFL players right now looking to get wifed up again because she won’t stay relevant without another baller showing her off. Lmao. #FakeMoralPolice

          7. Who are these NFL dudes that you are talking about tho? She already said the Odell thing was a lie. Don’t try to make Karreuche look like a $lut just because your fave is a known $lut. And who was skipping over the threesomes? Never said she didn’t have threesomes she still hasn’t been ran thru like Industry Pu$$ has. And you trying to shade Drake saying nobody will remember this mixtape. You might be right but Drake is winning right now. It took him and future 6 days to do this mix tape. 6 days!!!! When it’s been a whole year and your fave still can’t release her album. Those blunts and coco are starting to get to her. I stand by what I said Industry Pu$$ is on a downward spiral. Say what you will about Karreuche she hasn’t been passed around the industry like the one you Stan so hard for. And isn’t Drake and Chris friends with Travis? Ewww just nasty they all done had yo fave.

          8. But those threesomes happened though boo! Her riding in the car with Chris’ new chicks to go home and smash happened boo! Her being linked to multiple people in a few months (like Rihanna) happened boo! You can’t call one a slut and then pretend the other one is a saint. Use someone else to bash Rih cause you’re looking real crazy. Lmao.

          9. Why is it that Rihanna fan’s always bring up how much money she is worth in every discussion? Worth $120 million and she still can’t buy any morales, class or self respect. Taylor Swift is running circles around everyone in the music industry right now and you never hear her or her fans bring up her networth. It’s kinda tacky.

          10. Oh now they have to bring up Taylor Swift! That’s how you know they’re mad! Lmao!

            $120 million networth! Deal with it hater. We don’t care about your white girl heroes over here.

          11. You really took the time to go back and search for an old IG post from what a year ago? LMAO and what exactly is that suppose to prove? I could go back and find post of Rihanna being called an Industry $lut by so many but I don’t need to do that. You can keep being deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to your fave, LOL most of her stan’s are.

          12. So basically I bring receipts of Karrueche being called out for her promiscuity but you overlook that and just keep screaming, “but, but Rihanna’s a hoe!” Blah, you’re dismissed. Next time use someone else to bash Rihanna if you’re going to use the tired hoe angle.

        2. So much delusion. Y’all will use anyone to try to put Rihanna down no matter how delusional it sounds. In what world is Karrueche even Rihanna’s competition?

          1. Lmao girl it’s literally the only material they got! In one breath they bash Rih for dating multiple people and in the next defend Karrueche who actually was sleeping with random cbicks Chris found at clubs because he was her only means of paying bills so she was damn near sleeping around to survive. Karrueche was even dating Chris and Drake at the same time. But Rih is a slut though she say…well then Karrueche is what? #FakeMoralPolice

          1. And how is Karrueche having actual threesomes with random women just to keep Chris better than Rihanna exercising her power and dating who she wants? Someone is looney.

          2. Ain’t no receipts Lmao! She’s just making up stuff to go along because she’s still seething from two weeks ago.

        3. In what alternate universe is Karueche popping more than Rihanna? Karueche and her made for TV movies and 106 & Park appearances are more successful than a global star? Some of y’all let the hatred eclipse your sense of logic and reasoning. Also, I think women like you are pathetic for judging another woman who takes control of her sexuality. Are you her gynecologist? Why do you care how many partners she’s had?

  3. I still haven’t heard this. I was trying to watch the Emmys and Fear the Walking Dead last night so I was overwhelmed. LOL.

  4. I just want Future’s corny fans to stay off Ciara’s IG. They bully her all the time and now they are leaving all those diamond emojis on there right now.

    1. Right! But Ciara is winning right now though. She got a good man who is one of the hottest QB’s in the NFL and she has been getting more endorsement’s now that ever before. They need to let Ciara be great. She seems like a down to earth girl. I never heard anything bad about her she is never involved in any mess either.

  5. Can’t really say I’m surprised because so many people were waiting for the mixtape. I’ve heard mixed reviews some people really like it and others say it wasn’t worth the hype. I’m not a big fan of either Future or Drake but they have huge fan bases. Chris should have just been quiet.

  6. I’m a little shocked I somewhat agree with Chris. Drake knows what he was doing when he brought up Karrueche. He does this every album now.

  7. People are saying he went at Nicki and Rihanna too. I just hope Serena realizes she’s next once they go south yet again. LOL.

  8. The day Chris stops responding to stuff like this, stops going on these social media rants, and let’s Karreuche move on is the day I’ll say he is maturing. Why does he even feel the need to respond to everything? He should just worry about his music and his daughter and nothing else. Drake just mentioned Karreuche name to get under Chris’ skin and his simple a$$ feel for it hook, line and sinker.

  9. Drake knows how to get a lot of buzz and sell albums. Throw in a few ambiguous lyrics to keep all these different stan bases guessing who he’s talking about and throw one name out there to get a reaction from another celebrity. Well played.

  10. Well I guess I am the minority I like some of Future’s music and Drake’s. “Trap N*ggas” and “Hotline Bling” is my shyt rite now. And Chris still isn’t mature enuff that the best way u show some1 u don’t care is by IGNORING them. Treating them like they don’t exist and u aren’t bothered Duh!!!!!!

  11. Why is Rihanna being brought up? And the audacity of some fool calling Rihanna a slut when Karrueche is bi and was out here doing threesomes just to keep Chris and literally riding in the front of the car when he brought new girls in the back. That girl is not no damn saint and has more mileage than y’all think Rihanna does. Yall better use someone else to bash Rihanna with because Karrueche ain’t the chick you think she is.

  12. I’m not sure how this became a Rihanna vs. Karrueche conversation, nor do I understand why a white woman who is clearly winning from white privilege alone is being used to put down a black woman on here. Then in the next post, you’re all yassss, black girl magic when it’s someone you do like. Y’all are fake. You don’t have to like Rihanna, but for goodness sake have some black pride. Some of you are just sad. Taylor Swift isn’t all that. Smdh.

    1. They did the same thing with Adele. Yet, they were the same black women who didn’t see it for Jill Scott or Chrisette Michelle who blow Adele out the water. They will bash Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. but get giddy when Adele and Taylor make it off white privilege alone and mediocre talent. It’s sad but there will always be crabs in a barrel. They don’t mind white women winning but any black woman who makes it they mock and degrade because they don’t feel we should ever be successful. Anyway that’s my 2 cents. I’m not paying attention to the stan wars but I get irritated when some random person comes on here and capes for the Iggys, Taylors and Adeles but bash their own.

    2. I don’t get it either. Karrueche will never be in Rihanna’s league. That’s common sense. I think people just like to debate with My Faves. She clearly has people on here who love to argue with her. It’s weird because she actually came on here talking about the music and didn’t even say anything slick about Ciara for once yet someone still came for her anyway. I guess she can’t win.

  13. Lmao @ the people who think Drake did this to get under Chris’ skin. The Karrueche reference he dropped was 100% to get under Rihanna’s skin! Smh..he mentions her on another song on this mixtape too (the track name escapes me) but he basically goes in on her for dropping him (AGAIN) & refers to her unstable ex (Breezy)

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