Do You Agree? David Banner Says Biracial & White Rappers Shouldn’t Use the N-Word

David recently made a couple of Instagram videos about biracial and white rappers using the N-Word and he wants to understand why this is accepted by many in the African American community.

He feels that rappers who are white and biracial shouldn’t be able to use the word without backlash.

Hip Hop DX writes:

He went on to ask why artists who aren’t Black will use the word “n*gga,” but won’t use words such as “cracker,” “devil,” or other derogatory words.

“Have you ever wondered why White rappers, or half-Black rappers, or whatever you want to call them, they always wanna say the word ‘n*gga,’ right? But they never say ‘cracker,’ or ‘devil’ or any other derogatory term about any other race, but Blacks,” David Banner said in his Instagram post.

Banner followed his first upload by asking Black people where they draw the line in regards to the use of the n-word and other issues/concerns.

“So, this question is for the Black people? Where do you draw your line? What can’t people call you? What can’t people pay you to do? When is it enough? What do you stand for,” he asked.


Do you agree? Check out the videos below:

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    1. Snatched the words right out of my mouth. Two of the most prominent rappers in the industry are biracial. I just saw Cole in concert and he dropped the N word plenty of times and no one batted an eye. Probably because all the white folks around me were saying it too like it was nothing. I don’t think anyone should use it but it’s part of hip hop culture.

    1. That & the fact that his mother raises him as a black man. I watched an interview where he mentioned that b/c she knew that’s the way the world would see him

  1. He’s right though. But the same can be said for black people. We are the only race who has embraced the slur created for us. No one else does this. Why?

  2. Not too long ago he was rapping about s-x and degrading women in his music. Now he’s very wise and has a different perspective. This could happen for Cole and Drake too. You never know.

  3. White people no I don’t have a problem with a biracial person using that word especially if all they identify with is being black. My grandmother was half black and was raised only by her black side of the family maybe I just have a different perspective. But honestly like Queen said nobody should be using the word. The older I get I try to stop mostly singing it in songs and I’m trying to catch myself I need to do better.

  4. I mean he makes points you can’t really argue with. Like Queen and a few others have already said, we as black people shouldn’t be using the n word either. Our ancestors have to be rolling in their graves right now given how much we’ve tried to make it hip.

  5. The more we use it, the more we subconsciously embody it’s original purpose. We all need to drop it from our vocabulary, however some should a lot more then others.

  6. I try everyday not to say it and not use it when I sing along to songs now. It’s hard because it’s become such a huge part of our culture. We have to do better.

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