Michael B. Jordan Apologizes

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Michael B. Jordan caused quite a stir with his recent comments on black women, and he pretty much called out his black fan base for not being pleased with him being photographed leaving a nightclub with Kendall Jenner.

He also accused black women of only seeing “black and white,” and bragged about not seeing color when it comes to dating.

And if that wasn’t enough, the actor also angered his black fan base when he told GQ Magazine that he only likes to go for acting roles that were intended for white men.

Now that he’s been getting dragged on Twitter, Jordan wants to clear things up and apologize to those he has offended.

Click next to read his apology.

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  1. I see he finally hired a publicist. Anyway, if he said the comments to GQ, that’s the platform he should be using to apologize.

  2. I’m torn…. I still want to see Creed- cause I’m a huge Rocky fan…. But I’m not sure I believe him so I might sit this one out…. Note: I saw fantastic four twice! Once by myself to make sure it was appropriate for my young cousins & 2 time with them…. So I’m sad he’s losing me as a Fan.

  3. He’s learning the hard way how important it is to be loyal to your black fans. We’re more important to his success than he realizes.

  4. He’s sorry his true colors were shown and that he was called out for them. I’m still done with him.

  5. Ummm like some1 mentioned earlier he made the slick ignorant comments in the GQ magazine how come he didn’t reach out to them to pen his apology letter AS WELL. I am still not feeling him or his apology. He could date who he wants in his perks all life but he should’ve had enough sense and self knowledge to not down Black women. Black women are the most sort after and complexed beings walking this Earth….every other woman wants to be us and tries. White men lust after us…..and this fool decided to go against us….something White and other races NEVER do to each other….I despise Blk people that honk like him

  6. So he figured it would be best to apologize through the black magazine but not the mainstream one he originally did the interview with. Interesting.

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