Chris Brown Thinks Someone is Trying to Ruin Tour Ticket Sales

Chris is just about fed up with the media claiming he’s been banned from Australia.

Chris claims he’s not banned from Australia over the Rihanna incident, but TMZ and other sites keep reporting otherwise.

With media outlets refusing to back down from the story, Chris has been forced to set the record straight on social media.

In a screenshot obtained by Baller Alert, Chris says he feels someone is out to ruin his ticket sales:

chris brown instagram


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    1. TMZ is obsessed with him. Right now they have another story up about his settlement with Nia. And it’s not even interesting or new news. They just love writing about him all the time. I think he gets more attention from TMZ than the Kardashians.

  1. He can blame himself for how sh-tty his life is. All he had to do was sit his a-s down, sing and keep his got damn hands to himself. He’s is a reminder that black people don’t get more than once chance. We f-ck up and TPTB will never let us forget it.

  2. He always thinks someone is out to get him. If he focused on his music and his craft and stayed out of mess, he wouldn’t have these issues.

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