Klay Thompson Put on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Professional athletes learn fast that their personal lives won’t stay private for long in the era of social media.

In a time when anyone can hop on social media and accuse anyone of anything, it’s getting extremely hard for athletes to keep their good images intact.

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson isn’t married like his teammate and splash brother Stephen Curry, but with him hoping to secure more lucrative endorsement deals, we’re sure he’s not too happy with his ex girlfriend’s recent social media behavior.

Apparently she told her Twitter followers she caught Klay with another woman in bed.

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  1. 1. What the freak is a “vine star” and 2. What did he expect? These men keep dating women with nothing to lose…. Same sh!t different athlete.

  2. LOL. Klay better get it together. He can’t be sleeping around with these IG models and not expect them to blast him for it.

  3. Now see I wanted to believe Klay would be better than this. Now if Steph ends up caught out there, I’m going to be so disappointed.

  4. He better learn quickly how this works before he starts losing out on endorsements. Btw, why is he dating vine chicks anyway? He can’t do any better than that?

  5. Very disappointing. I don’t know why I thought he’d be more classy than this and have better taste in women like Steph.

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