Amber Rose Responds to Blac Chyna Feud Rumors

According to Amber, the show hasn’t been cancelled because there was never a show to begin with.

She also responded to rumors suggesting she’s at odds with Chyna and she claims they are still close friends and there’s no beef at all.

We’re thinking the feud rumors are a result of Chyna not making it to Amber’s Slut Walk.

Regardless, Amber claims Chyna’s absence from the event isn’t a deal breaker for their friendship.

Read the tweets from bottom to top:

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    1. It’s easy press. A lot of celebs do it. They let rumors linger for a few days for press and then they respond a few days later for more press once things begin to quiet down.

  1. I think Amber is lying I think they were in talks for a show but it was never a done deal but I think it was definitely in the works. Things probably fell apart before they made it official.

  2. It’s weird to me how Chyna never responds to anything and just sits back and lets Amber do all the talking. She seems kind of shady. Especially when she said nothing when Khloe came for Amber after she defended her.

  3. If it wasn’t true for jump, they should have said something. I don’t believe Amber. I think there was a show. It just didn’t get picked up.

  4. I never will understand the hype about these women. The Kardashians neither. We have to stop giving talentless people so much attention.

  5. Nah they were trying to pitch a show. What happened, I have no idea but it’s for the best anyway. Reality shows require you to act a damn fool. It’s not worth it. Amber needs to stick to trying to model and act for her coins.

  6. If Amber and Chyna were going to release some secrets about the Kardashians, they would have done it by now. So common sense to me says the show was an idea they didn’t really pursue. They probably put the rumor about it out there themselves to see if any of the networks would bite and since no one did, they are KIM.

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