Tamar Braxton Has Some Words for Her Ex Boyfriend

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton has been keeping busy with her highly praised performances on this season’s “Dancing with the Stars,” but the reality star and R&B singer just dropped her second studio album recently too.

“Calling All Lovers” isn’t selling like Tamar hoped it would, but many have taken to social media to praise her new music.

Apparently one of the tracks was indeed penned about one of Tamar’s exes.

She had no problem telling him that either.

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  1. I like that song……can definitely relate to some of it…..wit my present boo (which I had to remind him I don’t have to do nothing for u and now we are good) and a past dude I use to talk to. These men have a lot of audacity stored in them from their mama’s. Just cause the woman that birth you puts up wit ur shyt doesn’t mean the woman that likes/loves ur a$$ has to. This world is competitive what 1 Is lacking the next is backing…..Men need to realize it may hurt us but we can and will replace u wit the next

  2. I dated someone like this before. Thank God we didn’t get married. For me, I figured out it was best to marry someone who didn’t have some massive ego and someone who believed in being a team. When one person is expected to pull all the weight in a relationship, it gets old very fast. It sucks to be with someone who doesn’t contribute much and doesn’t appreciate all you do for them.

  3. I think that more often than not, men and women, tries to force relationships that are bound to fail. Early into relationships, we have all of the STOP SIGNS and RED FLAGS placed before us, and we ignore them, bypass them, excuse them, forgive them, chasing after them, go around them, and fix them.

    The next thing we know, we have invested all of our time and energy into this vicious STOP SIGNS and RED FLAGS circus.

    When in reality we knew all along that the relationship was a mess, and bound to have a disastrous end.

    Then when the end comes, we get mad, bitter, hateful, revengeful, resentful, and enraged. We want to literally destroy our partners, and everything that is in eye sight, and even the third-party.

    More often than not, OR 99.9 percent of the time we place all the blame on the third-party. The third-party gets all of the madness, craziness, threats, insults, slander, and destructive behavior. When your partner is left untouched, even when they were the source of the problem. They are the more than willing participant.

    So men and women, we need to stop ignoring the signs and red flags in our relationships. If it does not fit, do not force it. There are countless men and women that are willing and ready to have a solid relationship, built on true love.

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