Wale Addresses Recent Meek Mill Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wale just can’t please his label mate Meek Mill these days.

As we reported recently, Wale dropped by the Breakfast Club to talk about his new music and give his thoughts on the Meek Mill and Drake beef.

Although he tried to defend Meek and even revealed Meek won’t answer his phone calls, Meek was not pleased so he hopped on Instagram to drag Wale.

Well Wale is giving his thoughts on the situation.

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  1. Meek couldn’t have watched the whole thing. I think he saw that one clip of Wale saying he doesn’t answer his calls and that’s when he tried to drag him. Meek is his own worst enemy.

  2. Meek is an obnoxious as brat of a man….I mean can we even call him a man. How the hell Nicki deals wit his dude….I mean Like seriously is the Disney that good???? Cuz he is mad immature. He’s Seems like 1 of those dudes that sees a woman in the streets and tries to holla at her and she says “not interested” he screams and says “well fck u bish”

  3. He just needs to sit back and let Meek dig his own grave. He’s burning so many bridges so there’s no way he will be relevant in 5 years. I say let him do it.

  4. Meek has to be the loser of the year every time I think he can’t look more like a lame he proves me wrong. He overreacted for nothing over Wale’s interview then he so called kicked Wale out of MMG and Rick Ross shut that down he has lost all credibility.

  5. I think Meek realized he f’d up, which prompted him to delete the post eventually. I love that this is the only attention Wale has given his rant… Super proud of bae.

    1. I think Rick Ross made him delete it…The way Nicki treated Safaree, perhaps Smeek”im always on my period” Mills is her karma…lol..Let this be a lesson people, karma is real. Nicki is somewhere now saying “dam,karma is a b#tch..

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