August Alsina Wants You to Know…

Apparently August is at odds with some of his family members.

We’re unsure of what the issue may be that caused the drama, but August uploaded a screenshot of some pretty angry text messages to his Instagram account.

In the text messages, the family member accuses August of letting money and fame change him.

They also accuse him of sleeping around with men and dare him to show up back home.

Check out the screenshot below:

august alsina instagramaugust alsina instagram 2

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    1. He probably wanted his fans to call and harass the person for him. UB blocked out the phone number but August didn’t. Lol.

  1. That’s life for you. That’s why as I hustle to build my wealth, I know I can’t tell all my family members what my bank accounts are looking like. Sometimes your own family will try to destroy you just for doing better than they are. I’m sure this relative is really just mad August hasn’t stepped in and paid all their bills. Ain’t that how it usually goes?

  2. Ummmm he sure he wanted to post this?????? Like how are people suppose to take this???? Cuz I am side eye-ing him. Handle ur personal fam issues behind closed doors not on social media outlets

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