Fetty Wap Responds to Baby Mama Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fetty Wap is having an amazing music career so far, and he’s managed to crank out multiple Billboard hits at a time when a lot of rappers are struggling to make ground on the charts.

With his career surging and popularity only increasing, one would hope his personal life won’t start to overshadow his success.

Too bad his baby mama drama is starting to make rounds on the blogs.

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  1. This is so ratchet. I hate when people put their personal business on the internet. Just go to court and call it a day.

  2. I didn’t even bother to click play. But I’m sure without watching that while she’s trying to make Fetty look bad she made herself look sh-tty too. Now what the f-ck was this video really supposed to do for her? Get her on some dumb a-s reality show? There’s always a motive.

  3. They need to get this mess off the internet. And if she’s not letting him see the kid, why not go to court and get the law involved?

  4. I don’t care what happened he shouldn’t have threatened her. Now she can get a restraining order around him and he really won’t see his daughter now.

  5. This is why I don’t understand why people want to have all the kids with multiple people running around. In most cases it’s nothing but drama.

    1. They say he gets along well with the other one. Regardless why is he trying to jump this bm with other men? The next time we hear about him he’ll be locked up. He’s not smart at all.

  6. Both of them are wrong in my opinion. This situation should be handled in court not on social media. But what I will say is Fetty dead a-s wrong for rolling up on her with his crew like she a dude out here in these streets. I don’t care what anybody says he is a weak a-s man for rolling up with 2 dudes and threatening her that’s f-cked up.

  7. She has knife and he had his boys with him to try to jump her and all of this happened in front of their daughter. I only feel bad for their daughter.

  8. Sorry, but this Fetty person sounds like a f-ck boy to me. He’s out here threatening the mother of his kids and didn’t care about doing it in front of the child. He won’t get my support.

  9. Ok so I didn’t watch the vid because I can’t (at work) lol….but from the story Fetty sounds dumb as hell. He must not have no smart people around him if he’s going around tryna strong arm his baby moms with dudes around ……like what type of man is that…….he is lucky she didn’t call the cops on him while he was outside…His career is blowing up he needs to think more wisely or have someone around him that is gonna advise him correctly on what to do and what not to do….

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