Tyra Banks Talks Where Her Mother Went Wrong & Why All Women Need Backup Plans

Tyra also has the following message to young and successful women who feel they are too busy to spoil themselves:

CL: There’s a New Year’s goal—get the “F.U.” money going. Last question: If you could go back and talk to 25-year-old Tyra, what would you tell her?

TB: Take some time for yourself. You’re still gonna be successful if you go on that vacation. I felt I had to sacrifice, that I needed to constantly go. So I would tell her to sit the heck down! My mom also said, “Plan for the end at the beginning. There’s a limit to modeling; that phone is gonna stop ringing. Have a plan before it stops.” Be like a boxer who’s like, “This is my last one—pow.”

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  1. This is solid advice. I’ve been married a long time but I realized it was imperative for me to know how to make my own money too early on. You just never know what can happen.

  2. I completely agree. When you depend on someone financially 100% and you don’t have a plan b, it can blow up in your face.

  3. This is good advice Tyra told no lies. I have a cousin right now was not married but was with the father of her child for years he didn’t want her to work. She stayed home and raised their child they broke up and now she back at her mom house trying to rebound. Years of sitting at home doing nothing for herself and depending on a man. No job, no education to fall back on I have no problem with stay at home moms but as a woman if that man leaves today or tomorrow you better make damn sure you have an education, or a skill to fall back on.

  4. Please Tyra, you walk around flashing Illuminiti hand signs, and wearing the clothing with the symbolism all over it. Anyone in the direct selling industry knows that its a proven fact only 1% make money in it, and only 0.01% of the company ever see the high levels. There are massive class actions suites, and lawsuits going on all over this country, because of the shady & underhanded practices of direct sales. Lets get real, and tell these women that its better to get a career, with benefits, to make money. Oh, did you know you have better odds to win the lottery than to make money in direct sales? Do you tell these women that?
    I didn’t think so!
    An educated business women who has done her due diligence would never get involved with these companies. They go off emotion to make their decision never asking the important questions until they have lost so much money they don’t know what to do.
    Its time for women to get away from this stuff, and build wealth the smart way. You don’t advocate for women, you advocate for yourself!

    1. That’s real sh-t but she still has point about having your own. And with the divorce rate being so high, all women need to understand what she’s saying.

  5. I am totally feeling what she is saying…….its the same thing my grams and mom has said. I got caught up in a situation like that…but me being me even though I lost my job and had no money saved I refused to be unhappy in my relationship so he left and I was stuck with rent that he promised to pay which I had to cash in my 401K and ask my grams to help me pay until I got back on my feet. I realized the only person I can count on is GOD because if it wasn’t for him keeping my grams healthy, loving and still working where would I be….just can count on no man….love doesn’t pay bills and keep you from getting put on the street. I let this dude back in my life (I have forgiven him) but it will not be a repeat of that situation

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