T-Boz Explains Why She’s Disappointed in Black People

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

TLC’s biopic for VH1 was such a smash hit ratings wise that it was a no-brainer for the girl group to make a return to the recording studio.

However, T-Boz and Chilli opted to do things slightly differently and they are asking fans to donate money to make their upcoming album a reality.

Their Kick Starter campaign hit nearly $500k, but fans are running out of patience for the new album.

When a fan recently tweeted T-Boz and told her they want their money back because the new album has been such a slow process, T-Boz told them to go get their money refunded.

But now T-Boz is explaining why she tweeted what she did and what’s going on with the album.

However, in the process she vented about her beef with black people.

Click next for the details.

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  1. This is ridiculous of her to say. Does she not get out of the house much or interact with people of other races? There are trolls and idiots in every race and the internet is their playground. I am so sick of black people like T-Boz romanticizing other races like black people are the only ones with issues.

      1. They are being paid to destroy from within. Its a war on the destruction of AAs. Do not feed into the b.s. These sellouts are nothing but modern day mammies and sambos.

    1. why dont celebs ever say they disappointed with white supremacy? cause they aint as hard as they portray that’s why hahaa

  2. Ok then let those other races buy that album then. Oh wait…they aren’t checking for TLC. I’m completely over them now. I defended them with the Rihanna and Beyonce thing but this is it. I have to get off the bus.

    1. She wasn’t downing black folks when they jumped on the wagon with her against Ri….she was loving her some of us then. It irritates the hell out of me when we get a bad rap for holding our artists to their word just like the other races do with theirs. I guess we’re supposed to accept BS and don’t say sh-t!!!

  3. I’m starting to notice a theme with T. She really has issues with black people. The funny thing is she threw shade at Rihanna and Beyonce for not wearing enough clothes, but stans for Miley on Twitter all the time and even took her daughter to her shows.

  4. She needs to shut the hell up what the hell do they expect after fans raised all that money for them because they couldn’t come up with the money on their own. This is exactly why I didn’t give them a damn dime. I remember when UB first posted about them raising money I said then I wasn’t given them a dime and I’m glad I didn’t ungrateful b-tch. She really think its only black people complaining I just seen an asian girl complaining about giving them money.

  5. The crazy thing is Lisa wouldn’t even f-ck with TBoz and Chilli if she was alive today. She was TLC. She had all the talent and she really loved her people. She would have never said no f-ck sh-t like this. Y’all can support this Go Fund Me album if y’all want to. They ain’t getting a dime for me because they can never be great without Left Eye. And that’s some real sh-t that can’t be disputed.

    1. Lmao I heard she wasn’t f-cking with Chilli at the time of her death. That’s why Chilli took it so hard because they hadn’t spoke in a while.

  6. This was rude, ignorant and tasteless. When people give you money to put out a product, you have to keep them updated on the status of the product. You can’t be rude and try to shame them for caring about a project THEY are financially supporting. And she’s not telling the whole truth. My friend gave money to the campaign and she said they haven’t been updated since September and in the press release, they still didn’t confirm a release date. It may come out next year but nothing is set in stone yet.

  7. Lisa was such a good hearted and caring person who loved people. She was always giving back. She was so genuine. She would not stand for any of this if she was here.

  8. So where are the TLC stans who were defending them when they came for Rihanna? Lmao! I told y’all she is a bitter, uncouth hasbeen who has no respect for anybody else. Now y’all see I was 100% correct. She doesn’t even respect the people who paid for the album to be made.

  9. *blank stare* How did this become a race issue? I didn’t realize how dumb Tionne was but my goodness she’s simple-minded.

  10. Man really I don’t give a damn about that album anymore. Her and Chilli ain’t nothing but some salty older artists who still live in the past and have no respect for the younger generation. It’s like they don’t remember how old folks viewed them when they first came out. Now both of them are like angry grandmothers all the damn time. Just shut the hell up for once.

    1. That’s what these celebrities don’t understand. The less you talk, the better off you’ll be. And for goodness sake stay off of Twitter if you’re not smart enough not to engage the trolls. Clap backs only work for reality stars.

  11. If this blows up, black twitter is going to go ham. I can’t believe someone who has been in the business so long can be so clueless with the media and handling their image.

  12. Lord black celebrities are getting dumber by the hour. Of course it’s going to seem like only black people are dragging you because only black people are checking for you idiot. If TLC still had the big crossover appeal they had back in the day, it would be whites, asians, green people and orange people…etc. going off in her mentions. It’s simple math. Taylor Swift gets dragged by people of all races because she’s mainstream!

  13. Yeah I don’t like her anymore. I wish we could go back to the days where celebs were mysterious. They didn’t feel the need to tell you everything they’re thinking. They were much more likable back then.

  14. Whether T-Boz likes it or not, the moment they asked the fans to pay for their studio time, they now have to answer to their fans. The fans essentially are investors who have earned the right to have a say so and get frequent updates on what they paid for. That’s how it works. If you don’t want to answer to someone, don’t ask for capital.

    1. Bingo. And this is why some businesses choose not to ever go public. They don’t want to have share holders which are pretty much all the people you will have to answer to.

  15. How do you ask us to finance your album and then get upset when we question you about our investment?? She said all of that and still didn’t give an update on the album.

  16. Let me put it like this: Can Destiny’s Child make it without Beyoncé? Can SWV make it without Coko? TLC cannot make it without the presence of Lisa. It’s no shade but she was the one that stood out the most and people were intrigued by her. Not to mention, how intelligent Lisa was compared to T-boz & Chilli. If she was alive today, everything would be different including that damn biopic.

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