Watch: Cynthia Bailey Defends Kicking Porsha Williams

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cynthia Bailey has always voiced that she’s 100% against violence, so many were surprised to hear she actually kicked Porsha Williams in the stomach in the middle of a heated argument.

Cynthia is now breaking her silence on the situation, and she claims she’s not a hypocrite because she only kicked Porsha to move her out of her personal space and she felt threatened at the time.

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  1. But when Kenya was all up in Porsha’s personal space with that sceptre and she defended herself, Cynthia was quick to join the drag session….fking hypocrite!

    1. So y’all are going to act like we haven’t seen Porsha be violent before? Why is it so hard to believe she threatened Cynthia? She did it to Kenya and that’s why she got demoted! Porsha is a violent hood rat!

      1. So you gone act like Kenya hasn’t been violent or threatened to be violent, even to a pregnant woman? Cmon now. You can stan but keep it real.

  2. She can make all the excuses she wants. She used violence and Porsha didn’t touch her. So that makes her a hypocrite since she said Porsha was wrong for dragging Kenya on the floor over the bullhorn.

  3. Ok now when they air it and Porsha wasn’t trying to put hands on Cynthia, then what will Cynthia’s excuse be?

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