Watch: Cynthia Bailey Confronts Peter Thomas

In a preview for season eight, Cynthia decides it’s time to confront Peter about his questionable behavior in a nightclub that day.

The conversation didn’t really go the way she hoped it would since Peter acted completely clueless and couldn’t see how he was out of line.

Peter claimed the whole thing was innocent and he and the mystery woman have no interest in one another, but Cynthia feels whether it was innocent or not, it’s a bad look for their marriage.

And what bothered Cynthia the most is she just feels the video gives the other housewives ammunition to use for future arguments.

Check out the preview below:

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  1. Peter has always been a flirt and she knows that. She’s only saying something now because he got caught on camera and she knows Porsha will shade her about this.

  2. Cynthia seems more upset about the fact that he got caught on video. She does seem to be all about appearances as someone said earlier. Oh well, I’m sure she knows exactly what type of man she has.

  3. Kenya messy a$$. Stay up in people’s damn business. She need to be concerned about that damn haunted house her a$$ aint moved into yet. Just evil.

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