Amber Rose Compares Dancing to Business School + Talks Seducing Men to Get What You Want

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is clearly all about the hustle these days, and she can now officially add being an author to her growing resume.

Her book, “How to be a Bad B*tch,” did receive some criticism, but there’s a lot of folks who feel Amber gave some sound advice.

In a new interview, she opens up more about the book and explains how she feels she got to where she is today.

Amber used to be a dancer and she feels the pole is quite a bit like business school.

She tells TIME:

“Being a dancer definitely was like being in business school because I constantly spoke to people. I mean, I literally had to persuade a man to give me money out of his pocket. And I apply that to my daily life. Even getting a book, you have to have an initial meeting—Hi, Simon and Schuster!—with the publisher, and you have to sell yourself.”

Amber also thinks it’s important to know how to appeal to men to get what you want. Click next for the details.

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    1. Agreed. She needs to never try to give business and entrepreneurial advice ever again. And to be 100, a lot of these Instagram people really think they are out here making real coins. But slapping your name on someone’s cheap products and selling waist trainers and teeth whiteners doesn’t make you an entrepreneur or a mogul. She’s done good for herself but she sounds full of it here.

  1. Amber seems like a cool chick but this interview wasn’t a good look. You’re interviewing with Time Magazine, and these are the quotes you give? SMH

  2. I’m not mad at her getting out here and hustling but she has no real business sense. She has not done anything innovative. I don’t even think she knows basic business terms and strategies. Sadly she’s just using the same blueprint Kim used. Clearly she’s more likable than Kim but yeah.

    1. Thank you. I’ve been saying for the longest that Amber is a wannabe Kim. That’s why she’s been so pressed. She wishes she was in Kim’s position.

  3. This isn’t good advice to give young women. She’s basically saying a woman’s success is very dependent on men.

  4. Now Amber is my girl but she needs to have a seat with this. Seducing a man is a short term strategy for survival. And she should know that because she’s single once again.

  5. Wow, I used to like Amber, but since she did that book she has really thrown me off! She teaching Gold Digging 101, and trying to pass it off like real business; meanwhile I have a bachelor’s and a Master’s so I’m thrown when she tries to say shaking her *ss at the club equates sitting in the classroom for YEARS. Please. And like someone said already, terrible message for young ladies. On one hand, you have an opportunity to positively impact people, on the other, what else can we expect, she was on a pole while most of her peers were in school. I think she is a sweet girl, but stop! I really thought she was going to be better than this!

  6. Lmao….seducing men to get what you want is only good when that is you only skill…and after a while you have to do some “thangs” to get what you want from out of a man…..and the only folks putting up with doing that….going back to the point *are the one’s who don’t have any other skills…

  7. I don’t like the message this sends. And I’m coming to grips with the fact that I don’t like her either. Great mom to her son, but that’s about it.

  8. This chick is so confused and a big contradiction…1 minute she is a Feminist…next minute she is pretty much talking about needing a man to make stuff happen for Women…like what???????

  9. Is she really out here trying to give lessons about seducing men and getting what you want from them when she can’t even keep a man? Looks like her seducing skills need some work.

    1. LMAO EXACTLY….she should’ve named her book “How to be Bad at Everything” (The guide to have a man not take you serious)

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