‘Scandal’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Explains Why She Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Shonda Rhimes is quite happy in her personal life.

She’s adopted three daughters and her love life is in a good place. She has a special man in her life but she turned down his proposal because she feels marriage is not for her.

Shonda discusses it in detail in her new book, “Year of Yes.”

USA Today writes:

The most deeply personal chapter of Year of Yes? Rhimes says no to marrying her boyfriend – and yes to the unknown. (She doesn’t want to name him to protect his privacy.)

“It really had to do with me realizing who I was, and that I was a person who was perfectly happy being single and maybe living with someone or having someone live next door or across the street or something,” she says. “And that that was OK, and accepting the concept that you don’t have to do the conventional thing because everyone says that’s what you should want.”

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  1. At least she knows what she wants and isn’t willing to sacrifice her happiness for other people’s expectations. Good for her!

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