Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore Discuss Their Beef

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield faced off for the first time on camera on the season eight premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and fans of both are currently debating about who actually started it.

Interestingly enough, Kenya seems to feel like Sheree is the one who threw shade first.

She writes the following via her Bravo blog:

I had met Sheree once or twice before. I thought it was a nice coincidence that I knew at least one of my neighbors. I personally have always seen homes as investments. I purchased a home with cash below my means so that I can also afford to complete the renovations and maintain for less than I’m paying in rent now. Not to mention the instant equity.

Now, I don’t count someone else’s money. However, Sheree chose to purchase an existing home and tear it down to then build a custom 16,000+ square foot mansion with cash — and that’s her business. With that said, it becomes the City of Atlanta’s business when the build takes over four years, making it an eye sore for the neighbors and a nuisance by bringing property values down.

When I stated the obvious ongoing issues, Sheree took to unnecessary jabs at my home. Things escalated from there because I touched on a sensitive subject. We are both strong women and prideful. I could have taken the high road and simply offered to start a Kickstarter campaign for her to finish building her house. Sheree came for me…what did you expect from Twirl?


Sheree also addressed the situation and she thinks Kenya is just intimidated by her. Click next for the details.

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    1. No, you’re wrong. Sheree threw shade at Kenya when she was on WWHL. Kenya was simply returning the shade. Maybe Sheree shouldn’t be so messy?

  1. Kenya is such a liar. She’s really acting like we didn’t just watch her start that mess with Sheree two seconds after she got there. Anyway, that new show won’t make it to season two.

    1. Yeah it does. Bravo will have yet another flop on its hands. There will only be one RHOA. They need to just accept that.

    1. Yep that’s why she called Sheree a b*tch a$$. She couldn’t think of a better comeback because she was caught off guard.

    2. I thought that was hella funny….Kenya said in her blog she’s a home owner…and from what Sheree put out on Front street…she’s not even a owner of a good home…like bish over there starting shyt so Bravo could give her more money for being a drama queen and she could afford to fix up her messed up home….Its so sad when Beauty Queens get older & desperate…

  2. I like how Sheree put that check and checkmate…… who nominated Kenya to be the spokesperson of the neighborhood???? Bish need to mind her bizness and worry about her own downfalls…why she can’t ever get a man and keep him w/o having to pay him to be her man??

    Anyway….Bravo is doing the most. I didn’t look at that snipet preview of RHOP…but from what I gathered…none of these ladies appear to be married. Like huh??? they sound like a bunch of single moms and a Aunty figure….How about they change the name to “Single Moms & Comp of Potomac” #SMCP Lol

  3. Kenya really thinks people are stupid. Sheree didn’t throw any shade first. Kenya was petty and she met her match this time.

      1. Kenya is, that’s why she went u to attack mode, and still got her a-s checked. Kenya needs to worry more about Mold Manor and get off Sheree’s cl-t!

  4. Ok I watched the clip of Sheree and Kenya on Bravo’s site like 5 times and I didn’t see Sheree shade Kenya first. LOL.

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