Amber Rose Responds to the Backlash

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose has been staying pretty busy by promoting her new book, “How to be a Bad B*tch,” and steadily pursuing an acting career.

While Amber’s passion for feminism led to her successful Slut Walk, it’s her recent interview with TIME Magazine that seems to be rubbing some people the wrong way.

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  1. Girl shut yo bald headed a-s up. I never minded you getting out here and getting your money up but don’t call yourself a feminist when you’re out here telling your followers they need to know how to seduce a man to get money. That’s some bullsh-t and it’s the complete opposite of feminism. Feminism is getting your own without needing to suck a d-ck or two along the way. Fake a-s bird.

  2. Amber just needs to be quiet. No one would have thought twice about what she said if she wasn’t on this whole “feminism” shtick. People are just pointing out that she’s not really a feminist if she’s teaching women to be dependent on men. And that’s the truth.

  3. Her whole psyche on how men and women interact is a problem for me. What she should be telling women is they should avoid men who want to use them for s-x and work hard and get their own money to start their own businesses. Would we love and respect Oprah just the same if being some man’s baby mama or ex girlfriend put her on? Would we love Michelle Obama as much if she wasn’t just as educated and successful as Barack? As a culture, we are more impressed with women who work hard and didn’t need men to become successful. For some reason women like Amber have a problem understanding that.

    1. Well people can’t expect someone whose never worked a day in their life to value hard work over using men to survive. This is all Amber knows. I think the issue is she tried to pretend she was about hard work and women getting their own (feminism) but she’s really not.

  4. Damn that writer who trashed her book was spot on and I thought they were just hating. I see now they called it right. Amber ain’t no real feminist. Lmao.

  5. I just don’t get it. The book is supposed to empower women but everything she’s saying takes power away from women and gives it back to men. Does she not see that?

  6. There’s nothing real about you Amber. You used a real movement which was created to uplift women to sell your sh-tty book and the message you’re sending young women is toxic. You’re telling them to be ok with men using them for s-x, as long as they can get money out of them. I never cared for Kim, but she has more sense than this.

  7. Amber please shut the hell up. I like Amber and I tried to pull for her but she has completely rubbed me the wrong way these last couple of weeks and I’m pretty much jumping off the ship. I have a serious problem with her claiming to be such a feminist but all the advice she gives puts women at the mercy of men.

  8. All I can do is laugh. I tried to tell y’all a long time ago that Amber was not what she seemed. Now y’all see and this is hilarious!

  9. Man this bish is too dumb to fully comprehend that she doesn’t knw the definition of Feminism….and Feminist she is not. I get the whole “seducing your man to get what u may want….or get him to donate to ur dreams” but what about if u don’t have a man, husband and don’t want to be bothered wit no man. How about u go and get ur education, pay ur bills on time so that u could borrow money fr an institution to further ur dreams….Bishes that don’t understand the value of doing everything for urself and on ur own wit ur own money plans and strategies is a Bish that just can’t think outside the box. Not once does this bish talk about “Going to school and completing school, getting ur education so u won’t have to depend on a man to sponsor u” like seriously u aren’t going to be young forever….and a dude is goin to tell ur bird headed old sagging a$$ to get a job cuz u are such a haggard begging a$$ bish that he don’t even want ur seductions

  10. I don’t understand how Amber is promoting a part of the game that hasn’t even worked for her. Kanye dumped her for Kim and married her shortly after and they are two kids in, Wiz married her and got bored and decided to sleep with twins and be single, soooooo what gives? If anybody needs to tell secrets about gold digging, it needs to be Kim because that bish has really made a career out of it. And just when we swear she’s done and no man with a brain would want her, 5 more line up! Amber couldn’t even get James Harden’s thot a-s to claim her and now he’s with Kim’s understudy Khloe! I mean those thots are the ones who need to write books on seducing men to get what you want lolololol! And no, I can’t stand Kim but I had to keep to 100.

    1. hahahhahahahhaa idk maybe they lettuce and cooch game is bomb….or these Men just wanna Fck wit White Bishes so they can Fck and pull they hair all out

  11. I really want to keep liking Amber. But it’s getting so hard. I wish she would just take a second to see how her message is a contradiction to feminism.

  12. Ain’t nobody trying to make her out to be a bad person. It’s just so obvious that she’s not really a feminist. Had she not have lied about it, I think people would appreciate her honesty.

  13. And this right here is why a lot of those female artists paid Amber’s slut walk dust. They knew she was full of it and they wanted no parts of it unless she was writing a check.

  14. Amber is only where she is today because of who she slept with and that’s why it was laughable when she got offended by GQ for stating the obvious because here she is telling other women to sleep their way to money and opportunities.

  15. Amber is such a disappointment. Anyway, I have nothing but respect for the sistas out here getting their own money and respecting themselves in the process!

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