David Banner Says Black Men & Black Women Need to Repair Their Relationship to Fix Black Community

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper, actor and activist David Banner talks often about the current struggles of the black community and what he feels the black community needs to do to progress, and his views can often encourage debates.

And while it’s clear now more than ever that racism is still a major problem, David seems to think the one thing we need to do to move forward collectively is to repair the connection between black men and black women.

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  1. Go get all the black men who become famous & date outside their race …. Then holler at us about repairing a relationship….

    1. Truth it seems like they don’t want us to have anything they give us all these damn babies and they leave us to raise on their own while they go out and create more babies with other women all races that’s a shame

    2. That has nothing to do with you. Though it’s selling out, famous people should have no effect how you live your life.

    3. What does that have to do about repairing relationship based on who they choose to love and marry.. Fixing relationship is based how we see and treat each other .

    4. What about the back women that rip the black man apart on his journey to success. You think he wants to stay with you once he gets there.

    5. So is that what it’s about? Someone famous? They don’t even make up 1% of black men in America. Really what you saying is a black man with money or who you think is important. What about the average black man? You could care less who he dates.

    6. They were dating out of their race when they were broke, but the black women didn’t want them then, beside every successful men there is a motivated encouraging woman. We don’t find that easy in our community, we find mostly materialistic gold diggers. I speak only the truth, and only ones who this shoe fits will get offended by my comment.

    7. Whats dating outside your race have anything g to with what he said. People who date outside their race just like what they like. Doesn’t mean they don’t like black women just means they found their partner in life. Doesn’t really matter what color that parner is

  2. Why is he saying this in Essence? He needs to give his soliloquy to a black men’s magazine instead. We black women are being rejected by eligible black men for countless self hating reasons… Being too dark, being black, having nappy God given hair, etc. It’s up to the men of any group to stand up and fix the major issues within it, don’t preach to black women to do a man’s job….

    1. We black women? Speak for yourself. There are plenty of black women out there that are happy. You may want to reevaluate the eligible black men you’re trying to attract. What David Banner says in any magazine shouldn’t be a motivating factor for men to do well. Man’s job? I can smell the anger through the computer. Get some help.

  3. I agree! Everything starts from within the family. If we don’t have a strong foundation, our rate of failure when we attempt anything is likely higher. If we didn’t grow up with that, we can create our own. I understand the dilemma of black women and men, we all see it everyday. But if we apply our own wisdom and knowledge and influence to those around us, we will be stonger. Who cares if the next person is doing it or not! I’m responsible for me. I think one issue of the new generation is having instant access to those who they admire or want to emulate, not fully understanding that this is simply an image that person wants to portray. We see this everyday. I grew up wanting to be like my mother and my aunts. They all had a little something I wish I had. Too much social media influence, not enough family influence. We are discouraged, but we have way more power than we know. Black women have always been the backbone, behind the scenes and on the frontlines; look it up, and don’t believe the hype that says you have to look a certain way to be desired. Who cares what a small percentage of weaker men do when they get a little change in their pocket. Real men recognize real women, and believe it or not, there are many out there. Most are not in the club, bar, the spot, the dopehouse, or on the ‘gram. They are often where you most want them to be, at work, church, school, or home, lol! I really like this statement from David Banner.

  4. I always tell people,when we have social talks.We as black men and black women are disconnected from each other.She is taught to compete with her brothers and male cousins as a youth/teen.Which falls into her relationships.(competition with her man) And he is taught to think about self first,everything else later.And neither are taught to be a husband or a wife.

  5. I think it’s true that men and women need to repair the relationship.of course one must do for self but also what can both do to make the relationship stronger and better. yes love matters and there’s alot of other things needed to hold it together as well.sacafrice and compromise and have balance and don’t play the blame game for we all the blame by the choices we make as individuals

  6. Its some well balanced minds, aside from the typical bitter women. Banner noted its issues of how WE view and treat one another. Not just a MAN issue, or a WOMAN issue, but a blemish on the fabric of all of us. Black men and women have been made to conflict with one another since slavery so that the families could never be well-founded.

  7. David Banner Thank you. Finally somebody (man), said it. I believe our our race needs to force each other to get back to basics. There is a natural order if things, A balance that is inherant in the world and within humanity that Blacks in this country were deprived of because of Slavery. We never had a full experience in family. It was stripped from us in so many hainus ways. The residual effects are almost a part of our collective DMA. Black Men and Woman can and must rebuild our Strength as a race from the inside out. This starts with aspiring for and holding onto a family unit. A 2 parent household with everyone sharing the same last name. Men have got to stop running from their responsibilities as men and take care of the ONE woman they choose to love and raise the children they create together. Woman have got to learn to let a man be a man and trust him to be the head of the family unit. Woman and Men must respect the relationships/marriages of others. Stop having affairs when you are in a relationship. STOP going after married people. You wouldnt want that to happen to you. Start treating you brothers and sisters tge way you want to beb treated. The man is the head and the woman is the neck and neither can function effectively without the other. We are functioning less and less effectively as the centuries have passed. We have systemactically passed this example of deterioration onto our fatherless children. If we do not stop and change, this cycle of erosion will continue to destroy our strength, future, spiritual connection and love for ourselves….

  8. David is always trying to tell someone what to do. Its getting old already. Just shvt the fvck up and lead by example. Im sick of this dude.

    1. Another problem we have is when someone tries to speak consciousness he/she is shut down and called names be his own people. How can move forward if we are holding each other back and blame others for what we are to ourselves? And before you call me self hating realize I only speak the truth because I love my people and want to see us act like real kings and queens. (Not the trap type).

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