EBONY Writer Calls out K Michelle and T-Boz

Michael Arceneaux writes the following in response to K Michelle’s recent comments about black women:

I will not challenge the validity of K. Michelle’s question, but I will ask one thing: Who is your core demographic, beloved? When I think of K. Michelle’s core fan base, I include myself, but I think more so my sister, my homegirl and my auntie (who used to love Millie Jackson). When I see people discussing K. Michelle on social media, they don’t look like Miley Cyrus. So sure, Black women might’ve been K. Michelle’s harshest critics, but are these not the same women majorly buying her albums and filling the venues of her concerts?

And here’s what he wrote about T-Boz and her recent comments about black people:

T-Boz thinks she said something here, only a quick skim of any entertainment site plus a blog search would’ve quickly corrected such crock commentary.

Like, K. Michelle, T-Boz insinuates that Black people have some sort of monopoly when it comes to purported harsh levels of criticism. Like K. Michelle, T-Boz may want to look around and see which group of people are simultaneously her biggest supporters. TLC was a mainstream group, but it’s been quite some time since the group was a record-breaking crossover smash. TLC’s lingering cultural capital relies heavily on the Black fans who helped them establish their careers 20 years ago—particularly when it comes to social media, where we often drive the conversation.

TLC had no problem using Black Twitter to help raise funds for their album, so don’t now complain that White people are magically nicer than we are.

I’m all for having a conversation about ways in which Black people can do better by its stars, but if the chatter is preceded by some false narrative that paints Black folks as uniquely intolerant, it will be DOA.


Spotted at Talk Your Ish Blog

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  1. I completely agree. It’s like K and T forgot that the only people financially supporting them like that are black people. So of course we’re going to be the only ones paying any attention to you.

  2. Sadly this was a waste of keystrokes. It’s very obvious both K Michelle and TBoz have had negative feelings for black people for a long time. You can tell because they are always so quick to put down the race. This is why it’s crucial we think twice about who we support.

  3. No lies told! I personally think both ladies have identity issues so this will go in one ear and out the other.

  4. True….I’m just happy that I didn’t donate no money to TC or buy a K. Michele album……if I hear a song I like of heirs str8 free download LOL

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