Tyrese Gets Dragged by Adele’s Fans

Tyrese wrote the following on his Instagram account:

#TAG the mainstream stations and on air personalities that need to see this!!! I need answers! Open Dialogue……. Please keep it clean…. I love this song…. I downloaded…. Adele’s song “HELLO” was #1 most added to Urban AC radio – my song SHAME is #1 again Billboard for the 4th time on Urban AC Radio and has NOT been played on ANY pop or mainstream radio stations YET…… Maybe I’m crazy – but I would LOVE someone to explain this to me…… Anybody? Radio has power…… Of course….. Why does pop and mainstream radio choose to create limits on Urban Artist.?? You can’t expect anyone to supper, run to a store, stream or download my #BlackRoseAlbum if they don’t know it exist….. #RawTruth is always uncomfortable


Some of Adele’s fans were angered by Tyrese’s message, so they clapped back with the following:

You are delusional…this has nothing to do with colour and it is insulting to all the black people who have made it big…this is to do with talent and the more you keep making these horrendous claims it only makes you look more foolish and mainstream will continue to ignore you…wise King Solomon tells us even a fool can appear wise if he keeps his mouth shut

@tyrese Your such a hater!!! Jealous much?? No one cared about that song shame. Ppl bought that album bcuz u begged!!!! The foolish people that bought it cuz they thought they were saving rnb lol I totally unfollowed you after you made all those pathetic videos begging for people to buy ur music. Now tht u have nothing going on u wanna hate on adele. Everything is black and white with you!!! You are a true racist. To think I used to be a fan.?


When some of Tyrese’s fans tried to defend him and clap back at those who called him racist, his critics didn’t back down:

Omg do u think you know him? You tell me what anyone gains from being racist?? He throws up the race card any chance he can. Maybe he needs to realize Adele is just a better artist, and stop worrying about petty stuff. Cuz honestly hes known more for acting than singing. Adele is on a whole diff level so not sure why hes crying. Artists make drama sometimes to stay relevant. I dont c other black artists crying bout it. Just him. N like i said he begged people to buy his music, never have I felt so much pressure to buy music. Actually pushed me to not buy it. People like Tyrese are the ones keeping racism alive. Sam smith has an awesome voice of course hes gnna get played. Your friend Ty needs to stick w acting. Such a hater.


Despite the backlash, Tyrese refused to back down and wrote the following in response while posting a photo of Stevie Wonder:

I’m fighting everyday to get what you started back on track…… Love, conviction, real musicianship, real lyrics, and singing from the bottom of your heart…… I’m catching a lot of heat, but I’ve sparked dialogue and that’s all that really matters in the end…. Change is always uncomfortable…..

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  1. Why are Adele’s fans so damn petty and sensitive? She wouldn’t be as successful if she was black and everyone knows that.

  2. Man f-ck Adele. Sam Swift too. Yes they are talented but they ain’t done sh-t black people haven’t done already. I was beyond pissy when I saw some white magazine saying Adele outsold Thriller. That’s a got damn lie! They don’t know how to let these white singers cook! They always have to use them to knock down our legends. Bullsh-t. And Tyrese’s albums are always good. I bet the person who said all this dumb sh-t was white and never heard any of his music before. That’s how they are.

    1. You’d be surprised how many black folks would say the same to Tyrese,the ones stanning for the Kardashians opened my eyes.

    1. That’s how they do sis. So it wasn’t racist for those white students to drive by and terrorize black students at that school in Missouri, but it was racist for black students to protest for better treatment. This is nothing but a form of mind control. They think they will silence us if they lie and call us racists.

  3. How many English radio stations play R&B from artists like Tyrese? I’m sure Adele is killing it back home and so is Sam Smith. Now tell me how many are playing Monica’s new album, or Jill Scott’s or Erykah Badu’s new single? I’ll wait!

  4. It amazes me how some white people refuse to see the unfairness affecting people of color. It’s like we’re supposed to just shut up and take it.

  5. I was over it all when I turned on one of the only two black stations in my city and they were playing Adele but haven’t played any new music from Jill Scott or Tamar’s new albums.

  6. All these people did was prove his point. Anyone with common sense can see there is a war on black music right now. Hell they won’t even play Beyonce or Rihanna’s music anymore either on top 40. That’s why it’s amazing Beyonce sold as much as she did. They are trying to wipe out all the black artists. I just hope Rihanna will still do well because the media is trying to take her down right now with that album. They are lying and saying she won’t release it because she’s scared of Adele.

  7. He has to sit back and let the music industry crash and burn like it will do as they continue to try to replace black music with mediocre white artists. That’s why the award shows are flopping. The only one that is doing well it the BET Awards. Black people have power in numbers. Stop supporting these culture vultures and they will go away.

  8. I’ve already expressed my feelings about this subject on here many times, but I think the bigger problem is the black people who are supporting the erasure of black music by using people like Adele to put down black artists like they did in the comments UB posted. Tyrese is a real artist. He can play instruments, he has great voice and can write music. How is Adele better exactly? Because she sells more albums? Her music is actually very depressing to me. I’d rather listen to Tyrese over her any day of the week.

  9. He didn’t say anything to warrant any negativity. He likes Adele. He just sees what’s happening. Black artists are struggling in comparison to white artists. Even if a white artist doesn’t sell much, their singles will still do very well. Iggy’s album flopped but her songs were on every radio station possible. They don’t do that for black artists anymore.

  10. Adele’s fans are so annoying. You want to talk about fans giving their fave a God complex????? They got that in the bag. And a lot of them only like her because they can use her stats to poke at artists they hate. Let her go diamond again. They will never shut up!

  11. I would bet my house that all you have to do is change. Adel skin color to black and she would not get a tenth of the airplay and recognition she gets now. A black artist does R&B it gets played only on Urban stations a white artist does R&B it gets played on Urban and top 40 radio. They’re two major companies control about 90% of the radio Market . I heart and clear channel. They bought upmost of the urban stations .nothing much has changed from the 50’s . Remember in Dreamgirls when the black guy was mad because the white artist do a cover version of his song and it got more airplay?white people love their coffee,but with lots of milk.whites love black culture,but prefer when it’s imitate by whites.

  12. Lawd knows Tyrese annoys the hell out of me but he didn’t lie here. He’s speaking the truth but I don’t expect Adele’s fans to see that.

  13. Tyrese annoys me but he is correct. White artist with half the talent surpass blk artist…but blk people have been pumping up mediocre white folks for years….let a white kid dance blk folks are in awe cheering them on like “yay becky and john”.
    On another note I have to be honest I didn’t like his album & I think a most of his rants are for selfish gain and not the art…..artist like Eric Roberson have been overlooked for years and he’s not rallying for them.

  14. I wish he would stop whining. He can’t make top 40 play his music. The radios are all about payola. If he ain’t gonna write a check, he will be shut out.

  15. I agree with him 100%. Jazmine Sullivan can sing circles around this bish all damn day and gets no recognition whatsoever and her music is awesome.

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