Michael B. Jordan Talks Past Controversial Comments About Black Women

When it comes to the rumors suggesting he’s not attracted to black women, he claims the rumors aren’t true.

He says:

“But I love my sistas out there. Let’s not get it confused. Let’s not get it confused.

“I got a strong black woman. I got my mother and my sister. I’m merged into my community. I love my people. It’s unreal how quick people can flip on you and make you into something that you’re not based off of a misquote, somebody’s words or…somebody else’s tweet.”

“A lot is happening and changing very fast. And there’s no blueprint to it so I’ma make some mistakes. I’m going to say somethings that maybe I shouldn’t have said or somethings that I say may be taken out of context. I’m just asking everybody to grow with me like they’ve been growing with me for the last twelve years…


Here’s a few more tidbits from the interview:

– He says he’s single.

– He doesn’t want to get stuck doing stereotypical roles like playing a drug dealer.

– The “Fantastic Four” debacle was humbling and he now sets realistic expectations for his films.

Check out the interview below:

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  1. Ummmm he must’ve realized how powerful Black women was to his pockets……..i’m still not feeling him he is on that same throw away life boat as Taye “sell-Out” Diggs and naw I won’t be watching that new movie he has coming out what was it again “Greed” “Gone” “Ghost”????? W/E #ByeMichael

  2. I don’t know what the big deal is. All he said is he can date whoever he wants, and he can. He doesn’t discriminate…why did that make people mad? I think he’s like most successful young men…he will basically screw anything. He’s not ready to settle down.

    1. He could screw whomever he wants but when you start putting down Black people…Black Women saying “you don’t like this or that” then you can kick rocks while playing in traffic….I don’t see how a Black woman wouldn’t feel offended after spending money in the movies on his films

  3. Anybody can date who ever they want.. But you will definitely be called out if you down your own race to appease the other.. I don’t fall for that crap that black women are angry, black women don’t respect men.. Black men that date other race for this reason should realize that angry women Come in different race. It just happens that a lot of black women don’t take the BS that’s put in front of them by some men.

    1. HA I remember he said she was a “friend” this lying a$$ punk..he better go beg White America to go support his film….guest star on some NBC, CBS, ABC and Nickelodeon network so they can familiarize themselves with him…cause he messed up big time in my eyes

  4. I’m on the fence. I want to see “Creed” so badly… But I am not a fan of things he’s said. The dude at my sons barber shop might get my $10 for this…

  5. From the interview he seems very intelligent and down to earth. I feel like he simply doesn’t want to conform to one thing and that’s ok. There are worse men in the industry and he seems like a genuinely good guy who may not have realized how he came across to others.

  6. Sh-t I just don’t trust his a-s. He has said too much side eye worthy sh-t. But since he’s open to dating all races, maybe they can go support his movie, right?

  7. I really don’t know what to make of this. He did sound sincere but he’s said so many questionable things that it’s hard to be open to still wanting to support him. I get that being famous is really hard now because of the blogs and social media, but he needs some serious media training.

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