Watch: Cynthia Bailey Drops a Bomb on Peter Thomas

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Peter and Cynthia have a serious discussion about the state of their marriage and Cynthia makes it clear that she’s not happy with how things have been since they tied the knot.

Cynthia told Peter that she feels things have been bad ever since she made the move to Atlanta from New York to be with him, and they were somewhat happier when they were having money problems.

She also told Peter that sometimes she’s not even sure if she’s still in love with him.

She says:

“I just know that I’m unhappy and what I equate to being unhappy is maybe I’m just not in love with him anymore.”


Check out the video below:

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  1. Well duh. If she’s not feeling him naked and he’s not around and cutting up in clubs, why would she still be in love with him? He’s not giving her any reason to be.

  2. Anyone can see they have a loveless marriage. Peter is with her for the opportunities and she hasn’t been feeling him for a while now.

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