Jussie Smollett Discusses Empire’s Drop in Ratings

In a new interview, Jussie says it’s not really his job to worry about ratings but he’s good with it all as long as “Empire” remains the most watched show on Wednesday nights.

He tells the AP:

“First of all I don’t think about the numbers, I don’t look at that. I’m like, ‘Are we No. 1?’ Cool. And keep it moving. That’s not my job to get all wrapped up in that. I’m aware of it — don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of like … (Michael Jackson’s) ‘Thriller’ vs. ‘Bad’ …That was such a huge album, but so was the other one.”

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  1. They were never going to keep those super high ratings but the writing this season has been horrible it’s just all over the place. I don’t even watch it on time anymore I just record it and watch it later I watch Black-ish instead.

  2. It’s boring and all over the place. They’re literally throwing out everything but the kitchen sink. I’m still irritated that Hakeem was PTSD for all of 20 minutes and then it was gone like nothing ever happened. They need to fire their writers and get better talent.

  3. I’m not saying the writers for last season were perfect but they were much better. Did they fire those writers because these writers for season two are trash!

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