Amber Rose Gets Called out for New Clothing Line

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is hoping to really make her mark in the feminism movement, and now that she has her very first successful Slut Walk under her belt, she’s hoping to take the cause to the next level.

Just weeks after Amber was called out on social media for stating in an interview that she thinks women should learn how to seduce men to further their own business aspirations and careers, she has now managed to offend some folks with her new business move.

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  1. She’s going to sell these clothes because the young generation is dumb as hell. They think self identifying as thots, sluts, b-tches, n-ggas and whores is cute.

  2. Lmao well I guess she figured if Kanye can make a line of clothes that looks like they been stretched and dragged around and label it as “Fashion” then she can be un-original like every1 else on IG and put some slanderous word on a shirt and call it “Creative/Thoughtful” like we all need to pay this broad dust…..

  3. Eh, the whole purpose of feminism is to do away with the double standards and hurtful stigmas that affect women, not to adopt them and wear those labels for attention.

  4. I just love that Amber is really showing her true colors now. It makes it even more hilarious when I remember how many of y’all used to defend her like your lives depended on it.

  5. Amber really needs to stop this entire movement she tried has totally backfired on her. She is not making any sense and I’m curious if anybody on her team or circle are telling her how stupid she looks.

  6. So is this was feminism is all about? The right to wear slut shirts and call ourselves thots? What a pointless movement.

  7. I hope women with children who can read don’t wear these shirts around them. What do you tell them if/when they ask? Maybe clubs across America can have a night for these t-shirts. Or would most women opt out and wear their club attire?

  8. I’m secretly hoping the words,”I am not a…” are printed on the other side of these T shirts someone’s third grader could have made.

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