Daniel “Booby” Gibson Calls Social Media the Devil + Explains Why Marriages Fail

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s marriage to Keyshia Cole fell apart in a big way and most of it played out on social media since both used the platform to air each other out.

Now the former couple is on peaceful terms, and Daniel has a new outlook on social media.

He tells the Hip Hop Socialite:

“We been done with that, we been done with that. I think that was just a…we had a moment just like anybody else, and that social media is the devil. I think everybody feels like they gotta stick their chest out and they can’t be…can’t nobody say nothing about them. That social media got a lot of people…it’s got a lot of people’s heads messed up, and I think we just fed into it that one time. We talked about it, and since then, we haven’t had any issues like that, and I don’t think we will. I think that just got a little out of hand.”

Although his marriage to Keyshia didn’t work out, Daniel isn’t against marrying someone else in the future.

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  1. He’s a clown. He’s looking for a friend? lol “Celebrities” always say this and then date a bunch of IG or Vine “models” and continue with their bad behavior.

  2. How many interviews is he going to do about Keyshia and their divorce? He needs to be trying to get back into the NBA. That rap career probably isn’t going to happen.

  3. I’m still going to give him the side eye but I agree with what he said about marriage. You really do have to have a solid friendship. A strong foundation and friendship will help you overcome the hard times.

  4. He made some good points but hopefully he’s also learned that you must be faithful to the friend you marry too!

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