Chris Brown Doesn’t Want Another Karrueche Tran

When asked if he would be in another public relationship, Chris says he hopes not and he kind of hinted that he hopes his future boo doesn’t pull a Karrueche.

He tells Hot 97:

“I think for me a public relationship is only good for certain things. It’s only good for people’s approval. It’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m not gonna get with a girl just because society says, ‘look how cute they look and this and this.’ That’s clich√© because you’re going to be living…if you live for society’s approval you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life.

“So I think if I were to ever settle down and focus on a relationship with another female, she would have to…there would be certain things she would have to understand. My daughter comes first. My career comes second.

“She would have to be stable and secure enough with herself to be like, ‘OK, cool. We know the common goal. I know this person loves me. And I don’t need to get Instagram followers. I don’t need to get a candid shot with this person prove that I’m affectionate,’ or whatever it is.”


It sounds like Chris is hoping his next boo will be more discreet.

Chris also says he thinks people are way too concerned about his personal life and he would rather everyone focus on his music instead.

He also reveals that he and Karrueche no longer speak but he wishes her well.

Check out the video below:

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    1. What’s wrong with her not wanting a serial cheater,disrespectful,”making a baby on the side while still in a relationship” type of guy? Just curious why the men always catches a break while the women are dragged to hell and back…

      1. Exactly while it sounded like he wants someone discreet, it also sounds like he wants someone who will put up with anything.

        1. But Kae was someone who put up with anything including 3somes. Did y’all forget? She only left this time because she lined up some gigs and started to think she could have a career now on her own. But don’t be surprised when she goes back because she can’t get another baller to sustain her lifestyle. Karrueche ain’t no saint. I’m not even going to get into the tea either. Anyway, y’all can keep your capes on.

      2. This isn’t some sexism debate. We’re talking about two grown adults who used each other while they dated. Secondly, Chris gets dragged all the time. But I’m not going to sit here and defend Karrueche because she’s not all that either. Some of y’all defend her like she’s Michelle Obama or something. Kae is a groupie and opportunist who hung around and would do whatever she had to in order to keep Chris around. And it’s not because she loved him. Both of them have issues and both of them did their dirt while they were together. Y’all need to stop acting like Kae is some angel. She only dealt with Chris from jump to jumpstart her career. Truth be told most men in Chris’ position don’t feel obligated to be faithful to an opportunist. Plus are y’all just going to skim right over the fact that Kae was the same one who would do 3somes for this dude because she was that thirsty for fame? This girl ain’t who y’all think she is. Defend people who deserve it.

        1. Uhmm sorry but I’m not defending Kae…yes they are both adults etc. But it’s as though alot of people give Chris,men in general (future) more passes and “will drag the hell out of a female)..of course she’s no saint,never stated she was. Chris playing the victim card..please..For whatever reason she stayed/left I think for you/I/the next person an outside baby is a deal breaker. We can agree to disagree but I’ve read a lot bs where people felt Chris deserved better(perhaps breezy fans)..They both got whatever out of..whatever they had. Ijs..anyway enjoy your holiday.

  1. He’s gonna have to learn to be faithful before he even thinks about another relationship. There should be no shade throwing from him. C’mon man you had a whole baby on her.

  2. He really has some nerve not saying that Kae is a saint but he is the one that did her wrong cheated and constantly disrespected her and has the audacity to throw shade. Like someone already mentioned it wasn’t a problem when they were together but now that she has moved on it was such a problem smh. While he is saying what he wants in a future girlfriend he should be saying how he is going to a better boyfriend in the future.

  3. LOL some of y’all still riding for Karrueche? Really? Truth be told, Kae and Chris both ain’t sh-t. We should all know that by now.

    1. To state the obvious isn’t riding for Kae. I personally just hate when men do bs,it’s always the next person’s fault if they can’t get their way. He shading her but was still chasing her. She over him but still talking about him. 2 duma-ses.

  4. He needs to work on himself why have a girlfriend if u are just gonna cheat on her….he needs a woman who has her own shyt going on and doesn’t really care about all that Hollywood shyt but at the same time he really doesn’t deserve a decent female like that until he becomes a decent male

  5. Well you know what the older folks said back in the day…, while you out here claiming, until he put a ring on it asking your hand in marriage; other’s are entitled just as the next girl and the same for the man.

    Anyway, in my opinion, they are way to young to be tied down and serious about a relationship. Live and experience life while you are still young and don’t get pregnant or get anyone pregnant. This is what I tell my son’s. There will be plenty of time for a committed relationships.

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