Omar Epps Explains Why He Believes Tupac is One of the Greatest

Omar Epps stopped by “The Real” the other day and he opened up about filming “Juice” with Tupac Shakur.

It was the early stages of Omar’s acting career but he noticed there was something special about Pac even back then.

When asked by the ladies how things would be if Tupac was still alive, he says:

“Imagine Tupac with a Twitter.”

On why he would label Tupac as one of the greatest rappers of time, he says:

“I mean Pac should definitely be on the Top Ten of all time.

“His influence on the music, the culture…it’s unparalleled.

“You gotta make top ten for eras. But for an all time list, Pac would have to be on there.”

Do you agree? Check out the videos below:

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  1. I’m sure Billboard knows this but they left 2 Pac off to be controversial. It worked. They got the attention they wanted.

  2. There will never be another Tupac. I miss him a lot because I feel like he would have been so vocal about what’s happening with police brutality and racism. He was never afraid to speak his mind and he really loved black people. We don’t really have that anymore. We need that fearless voice in music again.

  3. I miss Pac. I can listen to his music like it just came out. A lot of these rappers just don’t understand they won’t have that kind of impact because they can’t rap and their music is trash.

  4. And he is still fine after all these years. But yeah Tupac is one of the greatest just from his impact alone. Not to mention he made some classics that never get old.

    1. Yeah he still married to Keisha. Total have been reunited for some time now and have been performing as a duo because Keisha wants to focus on being a mother and a wife.

  5. If Tupac was alive, he would be calling a lot of people out. And a lot of these self hating rappers would be terrified of him. One of the greatest and that’s not up for debate.

  6. Tupac is the GOAT, hands down! One or more of his songs are on every playlist I’ve got. I wish I could have seen him perform.

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