Don’t Compare Trey Songz to These Newer R&B Artists

Trey Songz interacts with his fans plenty on his social media accounts, and although they show him lots of love in his mentions, he hasn’t quite learned how to ignore folks who aren’t singing his praises.

The other day someone tweeted Trey and they told him they feel like his “Prayers” track from his new mixtape is very reminiscent of R&B newbie Tory Lanez.

When Trey spotted the tweet, he wanted to make it clear he would never pay “homage” to an up and coming R&B singer.

Read the tweets from top to bottom:

trey songz twitter

You can check out both songs below:

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  1. Sh-t all I hear from this trash a-s song is Future’s influence. That’s why it was a breath of fresh air to hear that new Mack Wilds song. Everybody wanna sound like Future’s trash a-s and that’s why the game ain’t been sh-t in a while. Trey been doing this too long to let Future influence him to make sh-t like this.

  2. Trey used to be bae, but he does too much on Twitter and it’s a turn off. There’s no need to be a hater when you’re secure about yours.

  3. U know Trey is good as long as he doesn’t talk or tweet…anyway he has audacity when he was once upon a time ago trying to sound like R. Kelly and then shading R. Kelly…like every1 kinda incorporates something from past artists…but I guess since this is a new artist…LOL neva mind

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