‘Empire’ Executive Producer Says the Show Has Had Too Many Guest Stars in Season Two

Photo Credit: Empire
Photo Credit: Empire

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Empire” saw a drop in ratings at the beginning of season two, and although the drama has been able to hold on to its number one position on Wednesday nights, some fans of the show feel the thrill is gone.

While some seem to think a decline in good writing is to blame, others feel the issue is too many celebrity guest appearances.

Interestingly enough, an executive producer of the show admits season two has had too many guest stars in the first half.

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  1. Well hello Captain Obvious. The show was just fine with the cast it already had. They didn’t need all these celebrities because the storylines were interesting enough to stand on their own. I’m glad to hear they cut down on that in the second half.

  2. I don’t mind the celebrities if the storyline is on point, which it hasn’t been since the finale last year.

  3. Yes too many guest stars and the writing……..its quesadilla cheesy now lol…….I totally forget about it and only watch “Empire” now if there’s nothing I want to watch on Netflix…which is void cause there’s always something to watch on Netflix lol

  4. Well duh that’s what everyone was saying after season one and they started name dropping everybody who was going to be on season 2. They didn’t even use the guest star appearances right in my opinion. I really want to see how season 3 is going to be because season 2 storylines have been so heavily dependent on guest appearances and how the main characters interact with them and you can’t just take that away now I hope they get it together.

  5. I think the cast and crew are starting to realize the current formula isn’t working. If the season finale doesn’t deliver, the ratings will be even lower next season.

  6. I think it’s a combination of things that just didn’t work. When you have something that blows up so fast, there’s no need to change it so drastically. Even the characters have have changed way too much.

  7. It’s getting so I don’t even watch it live. I catch it on demand when I can actually remember. The mid season finale was ok until Anika did that ton Rhonda. It looked like she was dead.

  8. I don’t watch this show because it is all over the place.. Watched a few episodes during season one and told people that the writing was horrible but they thought I was hating.. They are now calling me telling me that I was right all along.
    My attention is really on Power.

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