August Alsina’s Album Sales Projections Released

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer August Alsina has been opening up plenty about his personal life and struggles a lot more in interviews since the theme of his latest studio album, “This Thing Called Life,” is about transparency.

Too bad his label’s idea of putting his album on streaming services a day or two before the release may have hurt his first week album sales.

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  1. I f-cks with August but let’s keep it real gotdammit. His a-s was never going to pull big numbers anyway because all that auto-tune sh-t he sings ain’t worth paying for. The only artist who can pull that sh-t off was T-Pain but some reason these new mof-ckas are still trying to make fetch happen.

  2. Working in PR makes it easy for me to see that August’s label “leaked” his album on Spotify to help his sales. His album sales would have been even lower if they didn’t do it. Streaming counts for sales so they put in on Spotify early to give it a bump, August drags them for it on Twitter for press (publicity stunt) and now we’re here.

  3. Now this is just pathetic. And the crazy thing is August was on IG calling Adele a queen for still being number one on iTunes. Instead of kissing Adele’s a-s he should have been in the studio and going hard so he could at least sell 100k in a week. D’Angleo was able to do that with less press. I like August but he really has the game twisted. Attention won’t help with your album sales anymore. You have to have a good product and a solid fan base.

    1. Yeah only Beyonce and Rihanna can go platinum right now. Isn’t it scary that it’s 2015 and only a couple of black people can go platinum now? It’s like we’re going backwards.

      1. To be honest I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rihanna album, whenever she drops it doesn’t go platinum. Seems like only Adele and Taylor Swift are doing big numbers these days. Everyone is flopping these days.

  4. Well August can always make a career out of making Youtube videos. He should do a tutorial on twist outs because his hair is always on point.

  5. If you support an artist,you should buy their album. I’m pretty sure August has enough fans where he should do better numbers. I’ll be getting it this week.

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