Chris Brown Goes Off

Chris Brown is feeling confident about his new album but not all of his fans seem to see it for some of the new tracks they have heard so far.

In fact, when The Shade Room posted a clip of his new video for his track “Anyway,” some folks took to the comment section to complain.

Some stated they are tired of Chris using so much auto-tune, and others just aren’t enthusiastic about the musical direction of his new album.

Here’s the video:



And it didn’t take long for Chris to clap back and defend his new project.

He writes the following on The Shade Room’s post:

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  1. “Chitterlings and slave music”! Oh…ok! Yet we’re supposed to support his music. If I was ever gonna be a fan, I damn sure ain’t no more. Let white America or his international fans help him out!

    1. Well that was going to happen anyway. Chris just can’t sell albums anymore. And this is one big reason why but the quality of music is the major problem.

  2. LOL!! Chris will never win. Ever. His racist undertone (overtone) is to please a certain type of fan base…. good luck with that!!

  3. And this is yet another reason why he is so unlikable. You just can’t root for someone who will curse you and your entire race out in the next breath despite looking like you. Crazy.

  4. The nerve of this idiot can’t be mad shit his new music does suck it sounds terrible and people telling the damn truth. Now I see why the label didn’t want to release the album Chris claims they trying to sabotage him but they know his sh-t is wack. Now he lashing out like a baby I hope he does flop it just really truly amazes me how he still has not humbled himself.

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