Chris Brown Demands Respect

Although Chris Brown’s first week album projections aren’t anything to be upset about, it appears the R&B singer is annoyed that he has millions of social media followers, but can’t manage to sell a million copies a week.

With Adele owning the charts and possibly securing yet another diamond album with “25,” Chris’ frustration isn’t really surprising.

In a series of tweets, Chris told his followers that he works harder than the rest of his peers and he feels his album sales should be much higher.

Read tweets from bottom to top:

chris brown twitter

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  1. He is so delusional smh. How you go from insulting people with the chitterlings and slave references to now trying to guilt people into buying his album. Team Breezy you deserve so much better than this.

  2. Chris, people are not obligated to buy your music. You should be honored for the support you are already receiving. You can’t bully people into buying your music, it’s counterproductive.

  3. He’s arrogant to think he works harder than everyone else. The last time I checked he was high at that Christmas special and that performance was a mess. And what does him painting have to do with his album?

  4. He’s off the hook, I only liked and downloaded 4 songs off his album…..and naw I dnt follow him on IG…I just like what I like. Last album I supported was Brandy she is my Aquarius sister enuff said lol

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