Chris Brown Gives Usher His Props

Chris Brown tells Vibe that he wouldn’t be where he is today if there was no Usher.

Here’s the excerpt:

At 16 years old, Brown simply wanted to get the girls to like him and buy his mother a house. Fast forward to him at 26, and Breezy is carving an indelible musical mark similar to the ones left by greats like Usher, whose classic nod to Clockwork Orange in “My Way,” and beanie phase in “U Remind Me” Brown still cites as inspirations, even as the two have become collaborators (“New Flame”) and friends. Presented with the mind-boggling calculation that he has achieved more Top 75 singles than Usher in half of his career span, Brown shrugs off the numbers and deflects the credit. “If it wasn’t for Usher, then Chris Brown couldn’t exist,” he maintains. “When I would look at Usher, I would be like ‘F**k, he has it.’ The only other guy that I looked at like that was Michael Jackson.” But truth be told, someone will look at Chris Brown in the same way one day. “I don’t think we’ll see another Chris Brown for a really long time, and when we do, it still won’t be a Chris Brown; it’ll be somebody that was influenced by him,” Streeter says. “The amount of talent in one being, only God can give that to him. As much as he goes through in life, people try to knock him down, they could never take away what God has placed inside of him.”

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    1. Thank you. This ain’t nothing but damage control. Chris doesn’t have a humble bone in his body. Lmao.

  1. Its no surprise he looked up to Usher, he was freaking 7 when Usher was first topping charts. He even said that he first impressed his mom with a spot on performance of “My Way”. Usher is kind enough to be around at 37 and behaving like most of today’s artist like August Alsina and Chris, because he has a nature of helping and mentoring, not that theyv’v acheived what he has. Majority of entertainers like Chris, Neyo and Derulo don’t really give him his full props when they use his style as a platform. They all tend to cite MJ as an inspiration, because they sense they can overtake Usher, when a couple years they were watching his videos.

    Chris’s fanbase are the only ones who lack awareness of Usher’s influence and consider the two on the same level. “Top 75″…? I repeat “75”..seventy-five?

  2. But we knew this already. Usher is the closet thing to Michael we have ever had. Chris doesn’t make good enough music to be on Mike’s level.

  3. He finally tells the truth Trey, Ne-yo and Miguel has all already gave Usher his credit but the main 2 people Usher has influenced the most CB and Derulo have been lying for years. They only mention MJ but Michael never did flips, handstands and breakdancing. Usher was the first artist to do all that.

  4. I’m not a fan of Chris but at least he can admit what all the others clones are ashamed to admit. MJ influenced Usher but these young singers were clearly influenced by Usher as well.

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