Amber Rose Compares Herself to Jay Z + Talks Double Standards

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is holding on to her feminist ideals no matter who she offends, and she’s been clapping back at her critics in her interviews.

Now the business woman wonders why she can’t get away from her past while men can evolve from what they used to be in today’s society without a problem.

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  1. Does she ever shut the f-ck up? We will alway view her as a stripper because she has no damn talent to make us forget how she got her start! It’s the same reason we always call Kim a p-rn star.

  2. Actually, a lot of people like to bring up Jay Z’s past. Especially people who don’t like him or his wife. So fail on that one Amber. If she wants people to respect her more, maybe selling slut shirts isn’t a good idea?

  3. People won’t separate you from your past when your past is still part of the present. Perhaps she should stop shaking her a** on jeeps and in front of fireplaces. Perhaps she should stop parading her half-naked a** around on social media. I’m all for embracing your body and being free, but don’t gripe when people don’t take you serious as a business person when your brand is built on your past. There are plenty female entrepreneurs out there who are about their business and not referred to as a b***h. Her whole perspective in this interview is invalid and I wish people would stop interviewing her…

  4. What businesses does Amber own and run? Promoting products on Instagram doesn’t count and printing out shirts that read slut and thot don’t count either. And her book flopped so she can’t claim that either.

  5. I’m starting to hate this era of fame. We are out here giving non talented people way too much shine and we really shouldn’t. And it’s to the point that really think they are on the same level as those with actual talent. 20 years ago, there would have been no Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian. What have we done?

  6. I don’t know why people keep comparing Amber to Kim. Kim is a legitimate business woman. She has clothing lines in actual major department stores, her own app and now emojis. She’s smart and knows how to expand her brand. Amber doesn’t have good business sense. So what she wrote a book no one cares about and she sells tshirts encouraging women to call themselves sluts. That doesn’t make her a business woman, just an opportunist with a lack of creativity and good business sense.

    1. They don’t hear you though. I tried to tell them Amber’s real problem with Kim is she’s jealous and wants to be on her level. But I got dragged lmao.

  7. As long as this dumb a$$ broad considers herself ‘White” then I really don’t care how people make her look and how she makes herself look in interviews and in life.

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