Chris Brown Accused of Assaulting Woman in Vegas (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown’s music career and image never really recovered since he assaulted his former girlfriend Rihanna, and his continuous string of legal troubles after surely haven’t helped.

Now sources are claiming he may have allegedly assaulted a woman recently in Vegas.

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  1. If he’s hit one woman, he’d hit another. I don’t know why so many people defended this idiot.

    1. The same reason you defend that $lut that been ran through by half the industry. You so quick to jump on every post about Chris Brown. D@mn go worry about that drugged out yodeling tramp you call your fave.

      1. So Rihanna is an industry slut yet Chris goes through women like underwear but you’re fine with that because he’s a man. Girl get out of here with that bird logic. I bet you were blaming Rihanna when he assaulted her too. Gross. It doesn’t matter though because Rihanna will still be more successful than Chris ever will be. And that’s why you’re really mad. Seethe.

        1. PLEASE. Your fave was still f’ing him right after he assulted her and even took him back. She obviously got over it maybe you should do the same. Bet you were wishing and hoping these allegations were true LOL. You are so d@mn transparent it’s funny. Again why are you so concerned with Chris Brown? Go worry about that rat face d list rapper your fave is now fu@king. #tragic #industryh@e

          1. Girl, it’s spelled ASSAULTED. ASSAULTED! My God, it’s 2016 now, and Chris Brown’s stans are still misogynistic, idiotic hood-rats. No wonder you guys didn’t care about him assaulting Rihanna. Hell, most of you can’t even spell the word properly. Anyway, you be easy. I guarantee you no matter what Rihanna does in her bedroom, she will always be more successful than the felon you keep defending. So there’s really no need in me going back and forth with a Fist Brown stan. Later!

  2. I’m not here for Chris most of the time but I don’t believe this at all. How many women have accused this man of hitting them only for proof to show he didn’t touch them? Chris is an easy target. Most people will believe this with no proof because of what happened with Rihanna. I get that but at the same time, we need more proof before we believe these kind of stories.

  3. So everyone knows I can’t stand Chris and I normally won’t put much past him, but this one seems to be a lie. That old woman seems to be a major groupie/cougar judging by her getting kicked off Jason Derulo’s bus.

  4. Is it me, or does Chris look like he’s tweekin’ or drunk in that video? His mannerisms are odd and he slurred when saying Jason Derulo’s name..
    Up with hope, down with dope.

  5. I will never put anything past this raging bull . Chris has shown time and time again that he has zero respect for women period . The jury is still out on this situation though . He really needs to slow down and surround himself with better people . It’s also not good to drink and do drugs when you suffer from Bipolar, and PTS disorder .

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