Future Drags Ciara on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Future and R&B singer Ciara were on track to get married, but things fell apart because sources claimed Future wasn’t being faithful.

Since the split, Ciara has been happily dating NFL star Russell Wilson, and Future hasn’t been happy about the pairing at all.

And now he’s dragging her on Twitter.

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  1. N-gga control yo damn d-ck and you wouldn’t keep getting in this mess. N-gga running around here with 10 baby mamas and got the nerve to say someone else got “control problems”. Shut yo hoe a-s up.

  2. Well Ciara is a Scorpio so I don’t doubt she could be doing spiteful things behind the scenes, but he shouldn’t be cursing her out on Twitter like she’s not the mother of his child. He needs to grow up and get a good lawyer.

  3. Ciara should have never dated this dude. He ain’t somebody you have a long term relationship with. He’s a pice of sh-t honestly.

  4. So now he cares about seeing his son? Now that Russell has stepped up to be a real man? Typical What a loser.

  5. Like it’s real productive to call the mother of his child a bitch on social media that’s really going to help the situation smh. If Ciara is keeping that baby away she wrong but I honestly don’t think so because every couple weeks I would see a picture of him and baby future on IG. I could have sworn I just seen a picture with him and all his kids including baby future for his birthday. Once again the bashing of Ciara starts when he about to drop a mixtape but I’m sleep though smh.

    1. This could be one of those situation where a man wants to see their child at his own time or never shows up the day he was supposed. Turns around and shows up on a day where people have other plans with the kid. Say no to him…off he runs claiming the woman is keeping the child away from him. Typical victim mentality I see with some of these rappers with a bunch of kids and hectic schedules.

  6. I see he wants attention again. He knows to talk about Ciara and bash her when he wants the blogs to remember he exists. He should humble himself because he can’t sell that many albums alone. He needs Drake.

  7. He has to be that one ex Ciara regrets. I know she loves her son, but he’s the only good thing that came from being with Future.

  8. Fathers, do a better job of raising your sons so they don’t grow up to be trash like this fool right here.

  9. He’s been silent for year and a half? Well that’s a damn lie. All he does is shade her and Russell in interviews.

  10. So he thinks this type of behavior will get him a visit huh???? Newsflash Future, talkin shyt will get you shyt. And disrespecting your childs mother will not make her move how you want her to. He wasn’t concerned until a real man stepped up to be a role model to his child. Seems to me Future is the controlling one.

  11. I think he’s mad that Ciara left him and really doesn’t need him unlike his other baby mamas. And now she’s with a really good dude and he can’t stomach it because he’s used to women sitting and waiting on him all the time. But when a woman knows how to get her own money, she’s not going to sit around and wait for any man.

  12. I’m supposed to belive he’s paying Ciara $15k in child support when he couldn’t even pay child support for the others? Yeah. Right.

  13. I can’t feel sorry for Ciara because the signs of him being a f-ck boy were there and she ignored them anyway. I remember how she tried to drag everyone who said she could do much better and claimed his other baby mamas as her family. Yeah I didn’t forget any of that.

  14. Here we go with this 3 ring circus again. Seems like he is about to erase her squeaky clean imagine. Let the show start. All these so called celebrities are simple minded.

  15. This is about control for Future. He’s mad as hell he can’t control Ciara. HIs other baby mamas still sleep with him and put up with his mess but Ciara won’t. She’s out here living it up with Russell and Future can’t stand it. Even though he’s got his weak baby mama Britney with him right now, he’s not satisfied because he can’t get Ciara to give a damn about him anymore.

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