Ciara’s Camp Claps Back at Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara ended things with Future after she allegedly found out he had been cheating amid their engagement, but she’s happily moved on to Russell Wilson since the split.

However, she hasn’t been able to enjoy her happy relationship in peace since Future has taken to slamming her in interviews and on social media.

The other day he accused Ciara of keeping him away from Baby Future and he even claimed he’s paying about $15,000 a month in child support payments.

But Ciara’s camp is denying this claims.

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  1. So we’re supposed to believe Future about this Christmas situation when he’s already lied about paying child support? Yeah, no thanks.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. How many more lies does he need to be busted for before his little annoying stans get it? If anyone is bitter, it’s him.

  2. Future is very transparent. It’s January the 5th, and he’s just now complaining about not seeing his son for Christmas? Clearly he’s just pissed Ciara was with her man that day and not thinking about him.

  3. Future just needs to stop. He’s going to keep testing Ciara until she takes him to court and he won’t win in there.

  4. Future is doing all this to promote his crappy music. I wish people would wake up and catch on. And whoever said Ciara needs to get a gag order on him was 100% correct.

  5. Ciara needs to take him to court so the truth will finally come out and he will look stupid. I’m sick of people defending him.

  6. I always knew this would end in a very messy way. But she wouldn’t listen when her fans tried to warn her while she was cheesing it up with the baby mama crew. Future is trash, and he’s not someone you have babies with when you already have an actual career. He is trying to ruin her image. She has more to lose than his other baby mamas.

  7. Future is such a liar he made it seem like Ciara never lets him see baby Future. So she changed her mind about keeping the baby for Christmas he flips the f-ck out and lies on her now who really has a control issues. Until I see some receipts with 15k on it I don’t believe him because if he was really paying 15k for child support he would show receipts. Not only that but he so stupid because in his rant he said he go through lawyers to see baby Future but his statement to TMZ said they been going through a family member so which one is it. I know Ciara loves her son but it’s a high price to pay for wasting your time with a loser.

  8. This proves exactly what I believed , he is jealous as heck that she’s finally happy . She upgraded and he down-dated period . Btw , his horns and envy are showing , he just had to have his “source” slide in a jab at her new relationship .Smdh Boy get!

  9. I really wish Ciara’s people didn’t respond. She should have just surprised him with an invitation to court LOL. Anyway, that’s what needs to happen now. Future is a fool.

  10. I really can’t understand how some men are siding with Future. Ciara has not bashed this man once. He really needs to grow up.

  11. Future has some nasty karma coming his way. He is using this woman for attention for another mixtape that won’t even go gold.

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